How Much Does a Radio Commercial Cost?

January 5, 2012
By Tom Mountford | 6 Comments

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The cost of radio advertising

For one commercial, onto a single local FM station, licensed for a whole year’s transmission, prices can start below £200* Ask for a detailed quote – you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


A thorough fact-find. You can speak directly to one of our creative team and discuss your needs or we’ll provide you with a briefing sheet designed to elicit everything we need to know.

A dedicated Account Handler. You’ll have someone to contact who’ll keep your production on track through all its stages, right up to final delivery for transmission.

An experienced Scriptwriter.  Each of our writers knows radio and advertising intimately, has the ability to devise ear-catching creative concepts and snappy dialogue, and is expert in all aspects of advertising rules and regulations.  You can talk directly to our scriptwriters at any time.

A skilled Studio Producer. It takes technical ability and artistic flair to create great audio, and each of our producers excels in both, blending voice, music and sound effects to make powerful radio. Although the standard rate doesn’t allow for you to be present at a recording session, you’re welcome to discuss your requirements with a studio producer beforehand.

Professional Performers. We’ve heard of studios using work experience kids or the office cleaner to voice commercials. Not us.  All JMS performers are professionals, many of whom you may recognise from radio and TV ad breaks nationally, and we choose exactly the right ones for your production.

A huge music selection. We have access to tens of thousands of music tracks and sound effects – the cost of which is included in the production fee – and our producers are experts in music selection and use. Also, we’ll complete all music licencing agreements on your behalf.

Copy Clearance. In certain instances a commercial will require clearance prior to broadcast through the Radio Advertising Copy Clearance Centre. We can advise you when this is likely, and we’ll carry out clearance on your behalf.

Delivery. JMS’ Traffic department will deliver the finished commercial(s) to the designated station(s) in good time, and will obtain written confirmation it has been received for transmission.

Value for money? We think so. After all as you can see, each commercial will pass through five key stages and have enlisted the skills of at least five experts, working on your behalf to get the very best out of your airtime. But on top of that, you’ll receive an audition copy of the script for your input before it gets anywhere near a studio, you’ll also receive samples of potential voice-artists and music tracks before we use them, and once you’ve signed-off the finished production you’ll get a year’s usage on your chosen station. It’s this total service which many of Britain’s greatest advertising agencies have cherished, year after year.

* ‘Local FM station’ excludes major metropolitan stations, regional or National stations.

Comments (6 Comments)

  • Re: How Much Does a Radio Commercial Cost?

    How much does it cost to lecense a single voice radio commercial per station per year?

    Jon Waugh August 15, 2012 at 8:00 am
    • Re: How Much Does a Radio Commercial Cost?

      Hi Jon – The cost for us to produce and license a single-voice radio commercial onto one local FM radio station (such as 96.4 Eagle Radio) for one year would be £160.00 +VAT.

      This cost covers one voice artist and a track of library music. This cost is for the production of the radio commercial only – we do not book airtime ourselves. Should you wish to discuss airtime we can put you in touch with an Agency who would be able to look into this for you.

      Tom Mountford August 15, 2012 at 8:29 am
  • Re: How Much Does a Radio Commercial Cost?

    How much is the minimum cost of advertising in a local radio and how many times a month will the advert run. Thank you

    anas November 24, 2012 at 7:11 pm
    • Re: How Much Does a Radio Commercial Cost?

      Hi Anas,

      The minimum costs to produce a commercial are set out in our blog and also our reply to John (above). The costs to broadcast a commercial are decided by each individual radio station, and will vary widely according to the time of day, the size of the station’s audience, and the duration or ‘weight’ of the campaign you have in mind.

      You ask ‘how many times a month the ad will run’ but this is up to you. To take two extremes, even if you were to run an ad 20 or 30 times between 1 and 5 in the morning, you would still be heard by a fraction of the audience you’d get by just running it just once, at a peak hour, during a ‘breakfast’ show. Furthermore, that single play, on a Metropolitan station, would get you tens of thousands more listeners than the same time-slot on a smaller, county-wide station.

      So the ‘spots’ on each radio station have a different value and are priced differently. A skilled radio Salesperson or media buyer will create you a plan using a mixture of broadcast spots (and stations) aimed at getting you the most listeners for your budget, and they can usually offer you special rates for buying a specific ‘package’ of spots.

      Tom Mountford November 26, 2012 at 11:14 am
  • Re: How Much Does a Radio Commercial Cost?

    Hi, I am currently doing my Ict Gcse and i need to find out how much radio advertising would cost. I am not intending to use he information to advertise a buisness I just purely need it to help complete my Gcse. We are doing about Community spirit and we have to organise an event which will bring the commuity together. If you have any information about advertising, how much it costs for each station, how long the advertisement will last, please could you send this to my Email.

    Brett January 30, 2013 at 12:45 pm
    • Re: How Much Does a Radio Commercial Cost?

      Hi, Thanks for visiting the site. The production of a radio commercial, depending on its complexity, ranges from £160+VAT for something simple to many thousands if a celebrity voice is used, or a well-known track of music were to be licensed for the ad. I assume that as you would be organising an event to bring a community together this would be a relatively local promotion – as such you’d most likely produce a single advert, with a single voice to run on just one or two local radio stations. The conventional duration of commercials are 10, 20, 30 and sometimes 40 seconds. 10 can sometimes feel a little hurried if you’ve a lot to say – so 20 and 30-second commercials remain the most popular choice. Local radio is always keen to reflect the needs and current events in its community – so you would likely find that in addition to regular adverts the station would also suggest you perhaps sponsor elements of the day’s programmes, or invite a representative of your event to come on perhaps the breakfast show to tell listeners all about it. The sales-team at your local radio station would be the best point of contact to find out more about the costs of actually broadcasting your advert, or any additional ways they could help to promote a community event. Hope that is of some help.

      Tom Mountford January 30, 2013 at 4:15 pm

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