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Nothing Communicates More Clearly.

Corporate Video Production in Norwich

We create engaging corporate videos for businesses in Norfolk, across the wider UK and even the USA. Today almost everything we produce is exclusively for use online as part of video marketing – a far cry from the yawn-o-thon ‘corporate’ videos of the past. We craft moving pictures and sound to achieve your objectives.

Let’s Make a Really Cheap Video!

A video production should be the centrepiece of your site, and visitors will use it to form an opinion of your business. You don’t want it to look amateur, cheap, or a hurried afterthought. Anglian Home Improvements, Lotus Cars, AT&T, Cisco Capital and the NHS have counted on us to produce corporate videos that convey total professionalism.

Why Choose Us To Produce Your Video?

There are many other video production companies. What sets us apart? Everything we do is about your business and your objectives. We don’t produce arty, ineffective videos to flatter our creative egos. We produce strategically important video content that you’ll count as a valuable business investment.

What Do You Get From Us?

You will get all the experience of an established creative video team, working in a business with more than thirty years of corporate video productions behind it. We completed our first video in 1983. You’ll get to enjoy working with an enthusiastic video production team who also create television commercials on a daily basis.

We’re Not Looking For A Fling.

Our video clients have been returning for years, some for decades. We have built massive production archives, becoming their sole media creation partner. Video isn’t a one-hit-wonder, it’s an ongoing marketing strategy. We want to develop a video production strategy with you as a long-term relationship to develop your business.

Let’s Get Cracking With Production!

You’re now convinced we are the right video production company for your brand. Wise choice! No matter what stage you’re at with ideas for your video we can start gathering a production brief from you. Let’s get our ideas together! Fill the form at the bottom of the page, or give us a call on 01603 811855.

East Coast Nursery

East Coast Nursery

Stansted Express - Produced by Norfolk video production company JMS Group.

Stansted Express

Cisco Capital elevator pitch, produced by Norwich video production company JMS Group.

Cisco Capital – Internal Video

Norse customer care video.

Norse – Customer Care

GlaxoSmithKline Cambridge clinical trials,, pharmaceutical video production.

GlaxoSmithKline Video

BOCM Pauls - Farming videos for leading argi-tech business.

BOCM Pauls

At&T Unifying Collaboration - Explainer video production

AT&T – Unifying Collaboration

Les Residences, Jersey - Property marketing video production.

Les Residences – Jersey

Lumie Clear - Marketing video production, testimonial video.

Lumie Clear – Promotional Video

Omega Performance - Financial services video production.

Omega Performance

Anglian Water - Keep it Clear - Public information film.

Anglian Water – Keep It Clear – Information Video

Anglian Water - Wipes In The Pipes - Public information film

Anglian Water – Wipes – Information Video

Whiteboard video animation for Anglian Home Improvements.

Anglian Triple Glazing

Sinister fisherman reflected in mirror - Affinity Water public information video.

Affinity Water – Viral Video

Francesca de Lacey presents videos for Little Lamb nappies.

Little Lamb Nappies

We could waffle on about all the amazing statistics and effectiveness studies around using a corporate video production to market your business, motivate your team, provide succinct and repeatable training exercises. Yes, video is where it’s at – we all know that by now! So let’s crack on and talk about production, and why we’re the team to entrust with creating your video.
Google for video production and you’ll get a gazillion results, it really seems like everyone can make a corporate video for you these days! Some businesses promise to bring the resources of a feature film – along with the kitchen sink – and boast of their ’New York office’. Other creative individuals seem to offer their services simply for the love of making; asking no questions of your requirements they simple state ‘a video for your business – just £200!’
The JMS Group has been one of the East’s of England’s leading corporate video production companies for almost thirty-five years. We are neither extravagant filmmakers, nor a one-man band. We’re a team of fifteen talented producers and organisers with a long track-record in corporate video production that achieve specified business objectives. Stunning cinematography is great, but a proven return on investment is even better. That’s why brands like Anglian Home Improvements, Cisco Capital, GlaxoSmithKline, Anglian Water and Lotus Cars have trusted us for corporate video production.
Our corporate video production has motivated a client’s team of more than 800 sales-people to hit multi-million pound targets to win exclusive luxury holidays. We have saved a government department hundreds of thousands of pounds in subsidised travel costs by creating road-safety videos for schools. We’ve even produced a corporate video to market a new brand of re-usable nappies on social media.
As we all know, time is money, and few things can be more time-consuming than the back and forth that happens when a production brief to a supplier is lacking. The supplier then has to ask a multitude of questions to be able to respond accurately with a production concept, an estimate, or the logistics of creating the video. Sometimes they just have to play a guessing game and inevitably disappoint the client and themselves. Vague production briefs cause confusion, lost time, and ultimately can result in the end production not being a good fit for requirements that weren’t properly conveyed.
Armed with a good production brief – be it for a corporate video production or a TV commercial – you’ll save time for everyone involved; plus you’ll get creative video production ideas that are in-line with your expectations. Less time spent determining what is needed allows more time able to be invested in the actual video creation process. You’ll be recognised as a client who knows their product or service inside out – that’s something to be proud of, and an ability which is not as common as you’d think.
We’ve been taking client’s production briefs for well over thirty years. We know what a dream video brief looks like, and have also witnessed the effects of baffling briefs that have had everyone scratching their heads. Here’s a selection of our top tips for writing a brief for your production company. Our experience is based on television, radio and corporate video production, though many of the points apply to all sorts of creative suppliers.
  • Consider the supplier ignorant. Think about why you are consulting a video production company, what problem do they need to solve for you?  What is your end goal, your motivation, what does your video need to achieve? Keep that in mind when issuing information. Don’t forget, the production company likely knows nothing about your corporate strategy at this stage, offer pertinent information accordingly.
  • Highlight your requirements and – if your video production needs to market a product or service – your USPs. We all like to feel that our business is somewhat unique but – unless you can honestly say you have not one single competitor – you may be one of a thousand offering what you do. However, if you’ve done your homework there’s undoubtedly a strength and uniqueness to your corporate offering that you take great pride in. Those strengths are your Unique Selling Points (USPs) and you need to shout these to the world! Are you the biggest? Do you offer a guarantee? Ask yourself ‘why should a customer use me over a competitor?’ and answer it in the production brief.
  • Choose one Call to Action. The most suitable Call to Action (CTA) will vary by medium. We can confidently recommend sticking to just one call to action, two at most. Your website and an easy to recall phone number are all that are needed. Don’t shoehorn in superfluous mentions of social media profiles, opening hours, local landmarks, the size of your car park and the like. Unnecessary details detract from the core purpose of your video – get the potential customer interested, then give them a clear and definitive way of taking action!
  • Include other RELEVANT information the video production company may benefit from knowing. No one wants to drown in pages of information, but it’s better to have far more information than just a couple of lines. This could be links to your website, copies of your press advertising, corporate branding guidelines, even example videos from other advertisers you admire (or even dislike) to help guide our creatives in coming up with suitable ideas for your video.
Every production we create is entirely bespoke to your business, designed to reach your objectives. So, what does your corporate video need to achieve?

To discuss the creation of a corporate video production – whether in Norwich or anywhere in the UK – drop us a message below.

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