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Imagine getting into the office tomorrow morning. You grab yourself a coffee and open your email. Messages begin to flood in, but they’re not the usual office round-robins and fat-busting-drink-fad-spam. Nope. Order confirmations by the dozen. There’s even an email from your largest competitor, “Saw your ad on TV last night, guessing things are going pretty well over there?” You don’t want to feel too smug, but come on – you’re now in the privileged position of being able to add ‘As Seen On TV’ to your email footer. Do people still say that? They should!
If you’ve been imagining such a scenario for your business, you’re probably ready to take the next step towards advertising on TV. Smart move, you’re in good company. You’ve likely noticed the majority of the world’s most famous brands frequently, even continuously, advertise on television. They’re no fools! Television remains the most effective of all advertising media. TV shows and commercials are very public statements, they are open to scrutiny and have always been held to account. When you advertise on TV you benefit from the credible and established perception that those big brands and top-rated shows create.
    • On average TV returns £1.79 for every £1.00 invested.

    • TV is twice as effective per impact than any other medium.

    • TV is by far the most trusted form of advertising.

    • 69% of website visits are generated by paid media, and 47% of those paid visits were generated by TV.

    • Commercial TV reaches 69.5% of the UK population in a day, 91.9% in a week, and 98% in a month.

    • The average person watches a total of 4 hours and 37 minutes of video every day, TV accounts for three quarters of that.

    • An average broadcast TV campaign of 400 TVRs (TV Viewer Ratings) in the UK gets 237 million views.

    *Statistics from Thinkbox studies, 2017.

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Disney Princesses – The Adventure

Anglian TV Sponsorship - Five O'Clock Show, Channel 4

Anglian 5 O’Clock Show


Sequinart Sponsor Disney Channel

Sequin Art Sponsor Disney



Cruise Miles Jennie Bond

Cruise Miles Rewards

PPI Claimback

PPI Claimback

Hatters – Sale Ends

Canadian Affair

Cruise Miles

Wendy Wu Tours – China

Si5 Spymissions

Shop2.net – XBox

Multitrip – Sky Weather

Hurtigruten Norway

Imagine Cruising


sponsor itv weather

Anglian Water Sponsor ITV Weather

Anglian Triple Glazing

Castle Carvery

Norwich Sunblinds

Sequin Art sponsor CITV. TV sponsorship production by JMS Group.

Sequin Art Sponsor CITV

tv advert production

Instant Loans Direct

Anglian Home Improvements

Wilco Bikes


River Cruise Line

Sequin Art

Sequin Art

Children at Santa's door

Santa’s Lapland

Why Choose JMS for your TV Commercial?

JMS Group is one of Campaign Magazine’s Top Thirty Regional Agencies (Nielsen data). JMS Group was established in 1983 and is a specialist in the creation of daytime TV campaigns for retail and service-sector businesses. We also have considerable expertise in producing advertising for children’s television and the leisure and tourism sector. Every year we create more than two-hundred commercials for UK and European broadcast.
JMS Group can take care of every aspect of getting an advertiser on air – developing creative concepts, scripting, storyboarding, legal clearances, shooting and post-production, and final distribution to broadcasters.
    • We’ve been making TV commercials since 1983.

    • Clients return year after year for commercial production.

    • Experienced in cost-effective production and tight deadlines.

    • We are the preferred production company for several respected advertising agencies.

    • We’ll be with you throughout the whole process of getting your business on TV.

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