TV Commercial Production

Creating commercials with strong calls to action.

TV Advert Production For Agencies

Involve us at any stage – from helping answer the client’s brief to producing your approved storyboard. We’re a white-label production company for several major agencies. Need to update a commercial, or adjust it for another region? We’re always happy to work with existing assets.

TV Advert Production For Businesses

We can handle it all. We’ll take an initial brief, develop a creative concept and script, handle the entire advert production process – shooting, editing, graphics, music, voiceovers – then deliver the completed TV advert to all the channels in your media plan.

Advertising Standards Compliance

Legal sale periods, finance terms, RRP mark-downs, pester-power, product efficacy claims – television advertising may appear a legal minefield. We’re experts on all ASA and Clearcast guidelines. We navigate the red tape, getting your TV advert on air as smoothly as possible.

Foreign Language Advert Production

We often ‘import and export’ commercials to and from other countries. Sometimes this is as straightforward as substituting an English voice and graphics; or it can be the creation of an entirely new campaigns produced from the outset to be location-neutral.

Disney Princesses – The Adventure

Anglian TV Sponsorship - Five O'Clock Show, Channel 4

Anglian 5 O’Clock Show


Sequinart Sponsor Disney Channel

Sequin Art Sponsor Disney



Cruise Miles Jennie Bond

Cruise Miles Rewards

PPI Claimback

PPI Claimback

Hatters – Sale Ends

Canadian Affair

Cruise Miles

Wendy Wu Tours – China

Si5 Spymissions – XBox

Multitrip – Sky Weather

Hurtigruten Norway

Imagine Cruising


sponsor itv weather

Anglian Water Sponsor ITV Weather

Anglian Triple Glazing

Castle Carvery

Norwich Sunblinds

Sequin Art sponsor CITV. TV sponsorship production by JMS Group.

Sequin Art Sponsor CITV

tv advert production

Instant Loans Direct

Anglian Home Improvements

Wilco Bikes


River Cruise Line

Sequin Art

Sequin Art

Children at Santa's door

Santa’s Lapland

We figure you’re here because you’re interested getting your business on air, and are looking into what’s involved in TV advert production – smart move!

But hey, let’s remind you of a few reasons why airing a TV advert is such a damn good idea. First – TV is the leading sales-driving medium, it’s twice as effective per impact as any other advertising medium (yup, really) and delivers on average a £1.79 return for every quid invested. Nice. Whilst we’re at it – don’t believe those few ill-informed ‘TV’s dead’ naysayers! Despite a decade of enormous change in the media – television viewing has remained strong, consistent, and in excellent health. An average national TV commercial campaign of 400 TVRs (TV Viewer Ratings) in the UK gets seen 234 million times!* It’s a well-established fact that your online, radio, and press advertising all benefit greatly from the support and exposure of television. Even online-only brands consider TV advertising to be essential. Sure, they could advertise solely within the online world, but it can be very difficult to gain traction when you’re an unknown new brand. New brands need exposure and to build a degree of credibility amongst millions of people very fast – television does that.

Lastly, to this day the humble TV advert remains far and away the most trusted form of advertising – having an advert in a primetime commercial break gives an advertiser instant credibility. ‘As Seen on TV’ still has kudos, because it still delivers the best results for your investment. But you already knew all of that!
So, having an advert on the telly is a no-brainer. It’s still the place to be. But who should you contact for TV advert production? If you Google TV advert production you’ll get a gazillion results! It seems as though every video production company and ad agency on the planet can make you a TV advert. Pesky commercial producers, they’re everywhere! Yet, not everyone really understands how to craft truly effective television advertising. We’re glad you found us, because we intimately understand the production process! Every year we undertake the production of around 200 TV adverts for both UK and European broadcast.
  • We’ve been making TV adverts since 1983, with many clients returning for production year after year for a continual presence on TV.
  • The entire TV advert production process is carried out by us. We’re not a one-man band, there are fifteen of us specialising in every aspect of TV advert production.
  • We have an on-site TV production studio. The studio enables us to cost-effectively shoot product pack-shots, and even entire commercials very cost-effectively.
  • We can tap many creative resources. We can locate acting talent, filming locations, makeup artists, a specialist production stylist, and countless professional voiceover artists for your advert.
  • We have our own sound studios. We put a lot of effort into the production of a highly professional and unique soundtrack for your advert. Sounds is a crucial element of production that many other companies only consider as an afterthought.
  • Our team have an enormous amount of expertise in the legal considerations surrounding TV advert production. We will navigate your brand through the inevitable minefield of legal clearances, on-screen text requirements, and substantiation of any claims. Having rescued commercials for advertisers from the hands less experienced production companies, we know this is an area where many others are greatly lacking. We aim to make the production process of your TV advert as smooth as possible.
  • The production team at JMS Group have decades of broadcast experience. We have delivered thousands of commercials to broadcasters around the world – and we ensure that not only will your advert be produced to the highest technical quality, but it will also be delivered to each broadcaster in the exact specification required.
To recap – TV is an amazing advertising medium, and we’re a safe pair of hands to entrust with the production of your advert. So, let’s get this party started!
If you’re an advertising agency, we’ll begin by getting to know your creative concept – and then we’ll crack on with putting together the costs and logistics of production. If you’re an advertiser, we’ll start out by discussing your business with you, understanding the objectives for your advertising, the timeframes for production of the advert, and the production budget you have available to invest in your commercial. Nothing is impossible. We have a team of creatives in-house, and they’re ready to brainstorm creative approaches for making an advert that will not only reach but also influence your intended audience with a strong and effective call to action.
* Statistics from Thinkbox, the TV advertising industry’s marketing body.
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