• Francesca de Lacey
    Managing Director
    Francesca de Lacey
    Formerly a media-buyer with a London agency, at JMS she became a master of everything in relation to television campaign direction and skilful client account management. Francesca took to the helm of the JMS Group as its Managing Director in 2015.
  • Carl Goss
    Production Director
    Carl Goss
    Carl's been with JMS since the very beginning, way back in September 1983. Although he's too modest to say it himself, Carl is a supremely talented audio producer. In a career spanning more than three decades he's directed and mixed every type of audio project imaginable.
  • Tom Vaughan-Mountford
    Senior Editor
    Tom Vaughan-Mountford
    Tom has been with JMS since 1999 - now officially part of the furniture. He's completed the production of several thousand television and video projects. Versed in all aspects of broadcast quality-control, his eagle-eyes make sure nothing leaves the building until it's perfect.
  • Cath Pratt
    Head of Administration
    Cath Pratt
    Cath's been here since, since... well, none of us can remember how long! She manages the creation of radio campaigns for our agency clients. As the senior head of everything, Cath keeps our finances in check and makes sure all our clients are happy bunnies.
  • Emma Talmadge
    TV Director | Editor
    Emma Talmadge
    Emma is an exciting young Director talented in television advertising production and corporate video content. Not only a skilled hand at producing commercials, Emma shoots and cuts them too. If we've not already sung her praises enough, she's also a mighty-fine colourist.
  • Hugh South
    Senior Motion Graphics Designer
    Hugh South
    Hugh is a mod through-and-through, and it's his Vespa parked outside. Pure class.There's nothing the guy can't do when it comes to motion-graphics, 3D modelling and compositing. When a client comes to us with an artistically challenging brief, we know Hugh's going to rock it.
  • Keith Kindsay
    Senior Sound Producer
    Keith Lindsay
    Keith is another long-standing member of the team, here since 1984! His experience in the direction of voice sessions, and careful honing of superb radio and television soundtracks is unparalleled. Keith's productions need no introduction - you've already heard them!
  • Elena Ford
    Senior Production Manager
    Elena Ford
    George Bernard Shaw observed, 'To be in hell is to drift; to be in heaven is to steer.' Elena steers us all - an organisational linchpin, taking projects from concept to delivery, and transmission. Elena ensures we deliver superb quality productions on time and on budget.
  • Anna Eastick
    Production Manager
    Anna Eastick
    Anna is a vital cog in the JMS machine... and will likely be managing your project. Anna came to us with a great track-record at another production company. She now keeps all of our productions ticking like clockwork, with an attention to detail we all find quite breathtaking.
  • Tim Mountford
    Senior Creative
    Tim Mountford
    Like our very own Don Draper, Tim will often astound the team in creative brainstorming sessions by saying something brief yet breathtaking, profound, and poignant. We don't know where the hell it all comes from - we just know clients adore it.
  • Alice Homewood
    TV Director and Creative
    Alice Homewood
    Alice is our champion creative wordsmith, grammatical pedant, and burgeoning producer. Alice provides our clients with refreshing and sharp copy. Frankly, Alice develops creative treatments so cutting-edge we're afraid to touch them without having plasters within easy reach.
  • Gabi Thorogood
    Gabi Thorogood
    Gabi is the most recent addition to the team - and wow, what an addition! Gabi's colourful imagination conjures-up no end of edgy creative concepts for any client's brief! If 'daring' is called for - we know who to put on the case! Gabi writes for both radio and television advertising projects.

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