Ice Cold In Thetford: Accord and JMS Create Magic for Rubie’s

By 26th October 2015Children's Television, News
Disney Rubies TV commercial shoot in Thetford Forest.

Ice Cold In Thetford: Accord and JMS Create Magic for Rubie’s.

As if working in TV commercials production wasn’t magical enough – we recently dialed-up the fantasy still further with a tie-in to the massive global Disney success ‘Frozen’!

Our friends at Accord were masterminding a campaign for Rubies, the suppliers of magnificent replica costumes for children, in which they wanted 2 girls to picture themselves not only wearing the costumes, but entering their own imaginary version of Frozen!

Our pre-planning involved set design and build – bright positive colours and furnishings all geared to a pan-European market; sourcing child actors – two lookalikes for the main characters Anna and Elsa ( so 200 auditions later…); and finally a forest, blanketed in snow (in June).

The Elvedon Estate in Thetford provided the perfect forest, the genius set-dressers Snowboy made a sweltering June day look like winter in the Alps, and our two stars (Gabriella) and (Elizabeth) apart from looking so perfectly like their animated heroines, put in hours of work on camera without ever once losing their smiles!

Being vetted at every step by both Accord and Disney does crank-up the tension somewhat, so it was an immense joy when the production got two thumbs up! It felt like fantasy land. We even broke out the drinks. On ice, naturally.

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