Anglian Home Improvements – 50% Sale

By 14th October 2015News
Anglian Home Improvements Floating Fifty

JMS Group create Autumn television push for Anglian Home Improvements.

In advertising, sometimes it’s best to let a product speak for itself. No gimmicks, no distracting colours, just great lighting and careful composition. This was in the forefront of our minds when shooting Anglian Home Improvements’ newest national commercial.

We are indebted to Chris Haynes who worked alongside The Point to come up with the concept and storyboard, which features a series of close, gliding shots of windows and doors, culminating in a wide shot of nearly thirty products floating towards each other through the air to form a giant ‘50% off’ sign.  You might have already seen it on your screens. In fact, it felt like no sooner had it been shot that it was on air, and gracing seventy two channels no less! When it comes to sales, timing is crucial. We were happy to work quickly and at short notice, and continue through the night to make sure the commercial was ready for its air date.

But the need for speed brought a big technical challenge. Nobody knew, until the eve of the shoot, how many products would arrive and what dimensions they’d be. All we knew was we needed extreme close-up, mid shots and wides, all on the move. So our scene-builder whipped-up a totally flexible rig for the studio turntable.

One wit said it reminded him of a hangman’s scaffold! However gruesome, it coped effortlessly with 30 products ranging from an 8-foot door to a three-panel bay window to a tiny bathroom vent. Using an FS7 camera shooting at 50 fps, and plenty of multi-layering in post, we achieved the all-important, glossy and smoothly choreographed ‘50%’ end-sequence, in record time. The music was composed and recorded in house and the familiar voice of Philippa Forester accompanies the commercial. Philippa has been a Brand Ambassador for Anglian Home Improvements since 2010 and we’ve shot a good few live action commercials with her over that time, so we’re well qualified to confirm that she is, indeed, as nice as she seems!

The commercial also introduced Anglian Home Improvements’ new strapline: ‘Where almost fifty years’ expertise is always part of the deal.’ It’s given us some ideas actually. JMS: Where 32 years’ experience is always part of the deal.

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