14 Jan 2016
Travel Advertising Specialist Accord Marketing Commission JMS Group For Canadian Affair TV Campaign.

Open Your Eyes To Canada – Travel Advertising

Travel Advertising Specialist Accord Marketing Commissions Norwich TV Advertising Producer JMS Group For Canadian Affair Campaign

The latest travel advertising TV campaign for Canadian Affair called for optician-grade close-ups of eyes.

Specialist travel advertising agency Accord Marketing coined the strap-line ‘Open Your Eyes To Canada’ which they asked us to illustrate by giving the impression that the potential holidaymaker was not just seeing exciting images but absorbing them with their eyes. This would involve keying the images ‘into’ each eye in post, and much argument took place here about whether the image seen in the eye would be the reverse of what was being viewed.

Everyone agreed it was less confusing (if incorrect!) to run it the right way round. We also decided the varied colouring of the assorted stock-shots would blend more smoothly if we shot a different colour eye to suit the hue of each piece of stock footage. So it was a long day of big close-ups – and of resisting the urge to say ‘can you read the bottom line for me please?…!

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