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Advertising featuring and aimed at kids

We get children!

They say never work with children or animals! But at JMS Group we’ve lots of successful experience creating fantastic commercials for and featuring children.

Like children, there are few limits to our imagination. We turn our clients’ products into TV commercials, sponsorship idents and videos which children love!

Advertising with and for children

Rubie's Disney Princess Dresses

National TV commercial shot in woods and studio


Exciting pre-Christmas campaign for construction toy

Orchard Toys

‘Counting Mountains’ 2D & stop-motion animated commercial

Super 11

TV commercial shot on location and in studio on a single day

John Adams' Ezee Beads

Promotional explainer video for creative toy using child actors

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Appealing to children can be easy, but what about parents?

Kids are a discerning and vocal audience but parents more often make the buying decisions! So, whilst our ads excite children, they also appeal to and reassure parents.

We’ve produced hundreds of TV commercials for children’s products, including toys, games and attractions. As well as making the process smooth, fun and safe, we never lose sight of a commercial’s objective to promote what you deliver.

How do we make working with children easy?

Understanding the rules

There are many safeguards to protect children. With our extensive experience, we provide peace of mind you’re complying with every rule

We don’t hold back!

We present your product as the coolest thing ever, ensuring kids get excited!

Getting the most from children

Key to working with children is putting them at ease. We create a fun and relaxed atmosphere

Complete in-house delivery

From script writing to casting, locations to filming, editing to approval – we take responsibility for providing everything

What makes JMS Group different?

Want to reach kids and parents?

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