06 Apr 2016
First TV commercial for Chrysalis Courses.

First TV Commercial For Chrysalis Courses

Chrysalis Courses embarked on their first TV commercial production with the help of JMS Group. Long-term radio and online advertisers, Chrysalis wanted to take the next step and promote their nationwide courses on TV.

We presented a number of options for consideration and the client chose a creative idea that explored the journey someone takes when embarking on a big change in their life, such as a new career. Filmed across two days and at four locations; beach, home, office and two studio sets, the creative team demonstrated these thought processes by following a central character as she sets out to change her life with the help of Chrysalis Courses.

Capitalising on the advertising already being used, we incorporated some visual nods to the butterfly icon that is part of the company logo. Small reminders of the branding appear throughout the commercial, connecting directly with our central character.

“Working with JMS has certainly been an experience, for us it was stepping into the unknown, something new and exciting. From start to finish JMS made the experience fun and enjoyable, all of the ideas that they presented were great and the filming was definitely eye-opening! (in a good way) would I recommend JMS? – YES!”

– Ross Elliott, Managing Director of Chrysalis Courses

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