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Choosing JMS as your production partner

Why are we the right partner for you?

If you’re a creative agency with clients keen to benefit from TV commercials, radio commercials or video, we come highly recommended.

All in one place

Unlike most, we have everything in-house including scriptwriters, producers, animators, studios and editing suites.


Since 1983, we’ve helped over 10,000 companies access TV and radio advertising. We’ve a wealth of experience, broad skills and long-standing relationships with the UK’s leading broadcasters.


Clients’ needs vary. From high-end production to short-deadlines and tight budgets, we can deliver.

What else do we offer?

White-label services

We’ve worked with many agencies to deliver complete production services on their behalf, without ever mentioning our involvement.

Tagging & re-versioning

We can re-purpose existing footage to improve and extend its life


If you need support with just one area or element, we’re happy to help


We never stop having them! If you need creative input on any project, just ask

Looking for a smooth production partner?

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