Digital Out Of Home

Eye-catching video and graphics production for all types of digital outdoor advertising screens.

What the heck is DOOH?

DOOH is an acronym of Digital Out Of Home – or simply digital outdoor signage. This doesn’t include TV or radio, though it draws on those disciplines. Ads are delivered to networks of display screens – often hundreds of them – that are swiftly replacing paper billboards. DOOH networks can be found in many places – service stations, shopping centres, and airports. The London Underground is densely populated with digital screens, including cross-track projection (XTP) and digital escalator panels (DEP).

Creative Advertising Production

We’d be delighted to work with your agency to produce their creative vision for your digital out-of-home campaign. Or, you can work directly with our in-house team to develop all the creative elements – be they motion graphics, high-quality product photography, or live-action film shoots – in all the different shapes and resolutions that may be required! In addition to the production of your adverts we can also work with top-notch media buyers to get your advertising onto the digital signage networks that capture the audiences you need to reach.

Digital outdoor signage (aka. DOOH, Digital Out Of Home) is still a relatively new medium for advertisers. You’re clearly a smart-cookie to be looking into it! It used to be the case that an advertiser would print thousands of copies of their ad on large sheets of paper, and someone with a long pole and lots of wallpaper paste would travel around sticking them all up on billboards. Doesn’t that sound so quaint and nostalgic? The growth of digital outdoor signage has snowballed only very recently. First came escalator panels and cross-track projection at tube stations, then digital screens began to appear in the cinema foyers, shopping centres and bus stops. Now even your hairdresser and the local pub are hooked into some kind of digital signage network. Modern-day outdoor signage has an immediacy that was simply wasn’t possible with paper billboards – running an ad for just a few days in a high-footfall area may be all you need to achieve your goals. You can advertise on a single screen, all the way to massive campaigns spanning multiple signage networks the length and breadth of the country… or even further afield! The process of booking, producing, and delivering digital signage campaigns is just as straightforward as paper ads, if not more so. Yet, because digital signage campaigns can be tailored to any scale or duration the investment required can be so much smaller than their paper equivalents.
We’re assuming you want someone to produce a digital signage ad… we guess that’s why you’ve found us? Yes? Congratulations! We can do this for you!
However, let’s start by sounding somewhat counterintuitive… but stick with us. We’re are not a specialist in digital outdoor signage – nope, we are something even better! We’re a television commercial production company, we make around two-hundred commercials every year. When several advertising agency clients asked if we could make alternative versions of commercials in a portrait format to run on outdoor screens we said, “Yeah, we reckon that’s possible.” Turns out, we are pretty damn good at it. You see, making an advertising message leap out from the screen and command attention – within just a few seconds, to someone with fleeting attention – is something we’ve been doing for almost thirty-five years! We possess skills with moving images that not all print designers necessarily have under their belts. Our television production skills transferred to the world of digital signage tremendously effectively. Our signage ads have appeared in all kinds of locations from gyms and phone charging stations, to the concourse of London’s Waterloo station and the baggage carousels at Stansted Airport. Our most striking ads have been displayed at the legendary Piccadilly Circus, and on a video-wall in the atrium of a blue-chip headquarters – spanning twenty screens! Not only will we nail the creative for your digital outdoor campaign, but we will also handle whatever dimensions you throw at us!
So, we are no outdoor advertising specialist – we are a TV commercial company that produces attention-grabbing digital signage advertising to any size or dimension with all the best attributes of the most effective television commercials.

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