17 Nov 2015
Canadian Affair Digital Outdoor Advertising

JMS Extends Into Digital Outdoor Advertising

JMS Group Expands Production Service Offering Into Digital Outdoor Advertising

For a while it was an advertising sector in need of a name as it’s been developing rapidly and in so many ingenious ways. But what to call it? The consensus is ‘Digital Out Of Home’ (DOOH) and the amount of productions we’re involved in has grown exponentially of late.

Evidence of our involvement can be found on both horizontal and vertical plasma screens in shopping malls, student unions, gyms, bus-shelters, airport and rail concourses, and in-store. On the Stansted Express into London, you’ll find our work on the ticket terminals; and also the animated messages coursing around the edges of football grounds or high above Piccadilly Circus. Plus, cross-track projection (XTP) at London Underground stations, or on multi-screen Digital Escalator Panels (DEP).

In fact Digital Out Of Home is such a radical addition to the communications toolbox that it takes skilled and visionary agencies to fully embrace the exciting possibilities for their clients. We’re fortunate to work with two of them – Accord and bigdog – and we’re proud to display just a fraction of their output within our latest showreel below. You can also get further information and examples over on our Digital Signage Production page.

So, if you’re considering adding digital outdoor advertising to your campaign (especially if you’re also producing a TV commercial… why not make good use of all that great footage and graphics?) we’ll be happy to help you get on screen whatever the shape, size or location! Give us a call on 01603 811855 or just fill in the contact form below and we’ll get right back to you.

Considering a digital outdoor advertising? Take a look at our Digital Signage Production page, call 01603 811855, or just fill in the form below.

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