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JMS Group is a DRTV Production Company that makes getting your business on television straightforward!

We’re The DRTV Production Team You Need To Talk To.


JMS Group has been producing Direct Response TV ads for more than 40 years. We understand how successful DRTV campaigns function, and strive to deliver maximum return on your investment.


We manage the entire DRTV production process from concept to production, post-production, clearance, licensing, media, and delivery using our straightforward 8 Step TV Commercial Production Process.


Some producers flounder with Clearcast Clearance. We’ve got thousands of ads to air with in-depth understanding of the compliance surrounding special offer, price-led, and sale period advertising.


Our production team want every client to reap the benefits of DRTV. We prioritise campaign effectiveness at all stages of production. We measure our success by the ROI for your business.


JMS Group doesn’t have layers of account managers or freelancers. At all times you talk directly with the commercially-minded creatives and production team making your commercial.


It’s always the right time to contact us! Whether you’re new to DRTV, or have a stockpile of footage or existing creative you’d like to put to use, we’re happy to jump in at any stage.

Our Recent Top Performing DRTV Campaigns.

Whatever! Pan

JMS Group worked with DRTV agency Lavery Rowe to produce this DRTV advert for Jean Patrique’s ‘Whatever! Pan’. A phenomenally successful campaign that moved a lot of product!

Bullards achieved an impressive 300% uplift in sales of its Coastal Gin when they ran an AdSmart campaign that we produced from their existing promotional video footage.

Fine Watch Club needed a commercial to grow their business without breaking the bank. Their DRTV campaign was so successful its run was extended, airing for well over 12 months.

Garolla Garage Doors

“Hello! Garolla?” It’s cheesy, but it works a charm with the target audience! Designed to echo the client’s press ads, this commercial repeatedly airs in English, Scottish, and Irish variants.

Giordano Wines

Giordano Wines needed to advertise a package food and wine deal with a limited-time offer. We shot and produced an attractive and compelling commercial within a tight production schedule.

Chums Fashion Catalogue

Attractively shot, with a simple price-led offer, clear messaging, a solid call to action, and a media plan to reach a mature audience. It’s no wonder Chums are heavy users of DRTV!

Click Competitions

Click needed an energetic rapid-fire commercial to advertise their competitions website. Shot in a single day at a local racing track – and fronted by the client – the ad was both effective and inexpensive.

Tufferman Storalex

Wildly effective DRTV commercial shot at the client’s warehouse for less than £5,000. The resulting website traffic uplift surpassed that from all marketing activity during the previous year.

Help To Buy Scheme

Help To Buy required a memorable DRTV advert to drive website traffic via QR code. Shot in a single day – for a modest budget – the campaign was so effective it ran for more than 2 years!

Why Are TV Ads So Effective?

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    Why We’re the Right Team to Work With

    Experience Counts

    We’ve accumulated a wealth of knowledge during forty years of production, for thousands of clients, in almost every conceivable business sector! The majority of our team have been working together for more than ten years, and several for more than twenty years. We’ve been in the game long enough to anticipate problems before they happen. Put simply: Our team really knows their stuff.

    The Right Priorities

    We produce broadcast advertising campaigns to a high degree of creativity and professionalism. We make even the smallest of brands appear to be the dominant player in their market. But, we never pitch a concept or produce a commercial that prioritises an artistic vision above potential sales impact. In short: You'll be working with commercially-minded businesspeople, not artistic divas.

    We're In The Know

    We've got a substantial book of contacts in advertising agencies, media agencies, and broadcasters. We're a Sky Media Production Partner, and we work with Clearcast daily. We're well-connected and keep our ears to the ground. While others might focus their attention purely on the creative aspects of production, we possess a rounded knowledge of the entire advertising industry.

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