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JMS recently piloted Norwich-based financial lenders, Guarantor My Loan through their first ever national TV campaign.

With the finance sector currently facing some bad press and following the recent furore surrounding companies like Wonga, we felt it was time to re-focus on the benefits of financial assistance – and the human problems it can solve.

From past experience in financial advertising productions at JMS, we know only too well how many compliance issues such commercials must navigate through, so we had to tread a fine line between creating an informative and accurate explanatory commercial which would also appeal to viewers on an emotional level.

It may be cliché, but storytelling in advertising is key, and constructing a narrative in 30secs or less can be challenging. The audience must identify with the scenario almost instantly. A loan can be used for anything of course, so we opted for the simple life-changing scenario of dad being able to relinquish his role as the family taxi. With Guarantor My Loan he can help his daughter broaden her horizons (and also gain a lift!)

The shoot was outdoors, so as usual we were prepared for a range of challenges – even a bright, sunny day, which it turned out to be! The key shots of dad and daughter together were to be filmed through the windscreen, which sounds simple until you factor-in the intensity and constantly-changing angle of the sun, and the resulting shadows and reflections. Thankfully our Director of Photography, Emma Talmadge, is a veteran at handling sunlight, and arrived fully equipped with an elaborate selection of sunshades and nets to ensure the only highlights and sparkles came from the performers – not the windscreen!

The campaign is now running on channels throughout the UK.