17 Jul 2015
First TV campaign for Our Family Trust produced by JMS Group.

Our Family Trust Launch First TV Campaign

Inheritance planning service Our Family Trust launched their first TV campaign with a thirty-second spot produced by Norwich-based commercial production company JMS Group.

For Our Family Trust’s first TV campaign our in-house creative team worked through – and rejected – several creative treatments based on scenarios involving solicitors, people writing wills, distraught grandparents, or houses being repossessed. But that was too much doom and gloom! Instead, the team devised a simple and straightforward strategy to convey the service in its most straightforward terms.

So, we chose to illustrate a grandparent showing concern about the future security of their grandchild by representing family properties as children’s building blocks. Child knocks the house down – worried granny. Child builds house up again – relieved granny. The commercial was filmed in a single day at our Norwich film studio.

As a final clever production detail our production stylist painted the child’s building blocks to match Our Family Trust’s brand colour palette; which made the graphics team happy because it matched their animation – creating a coherent and strong brand identity for the client. Simplicity all around – everyone happy. The advertising campaign ran successfully in several ITV regions for six weeks.

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