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When you’re a company with millions of customers, clear communication is absolutely essential.

Anglian Water are extremely active when it comes to public relations. After all, they need to account for every penny they collect in water bills and justify every large scale investment that they make.

There is also a need to educate customers – whether it’s encouraging people to reduce the amount of water they waste or explaining how they can prevent environmental hazards such as fatbergs.

Throughout 2018, the JMS Group has been involved in various projects to convey these key messages.

During the spring we created a series of whiteboard videos to be used as part of Anglian Water’s 5 year business plan. These short films cover various aspects of the business and were intended to be viewed by water regulator Ofwat. The films explored how Anglian Water engage with customers, what water bills actually pay for, the importance of environmental protection, the challenges faced by population growth, the company’s efforts to become carbon neutral and numerous other topics. The animation style required hand drawn illustrations. This resulted in our Motion Graphics Designer Hugh South spending several days in our TV studio beavering away with a marker pen!

During the summer we created an online video showcasing Anglian Water’s Innovation Shop Window in Newmarket. Here they apply fresh thinking to tackle some of the toughest challenges facing the region: population growth, climate change, water quality and scarcity. Our film showcases some of the exciting new technology they have piloted as well as new efficient ways of working. The Innovation Shop Window is building the water company of the future.

Most recently we have been filming an additional video as part of the 5 year business plan. This film makes the case for one of the biggest investment programmes the region has ever seen. The ambitious plan has been shaped by thousands of conversations with customers and communities. Our director Emma Talmadge took her crew on a journey across the East of England to interview some of these customers and hear why they believe this is the right plan for the region.

It’s always a pleasure creating content for Anglian Water – let’s hope there’s more in the pipeline!