14 Jan 2016
King Balti Advertise on Island FM.

King Balti Advertise On Island FM

Guernsey’s King Balti Advertise On Island FM For Christmas Radio Push

Yes Christmas is a very busy time, particularly in the advertising world. For JMS, 2015 was no exception. Down in the Christmas workshop our creative elves were manning the production line; busy piecing together commercials that would bring festive cheer to businesses all across the country.

One brief we received was from Island FM. A local Indian restaurant had booked some airtime to advertise on Island FM with a special Christmas offer. Their name? King Balti. This immediately made us consider a character approach – a quirky spokesman for curry lovers everywhere! To really give our King Balti character that distinctive edge we felt it needed an authentic Indian accent.

Normally a specialist voice like this would be out of reach for the smaller advertisers, as it often involves expensive fees for agency voices. However, we always try to find a solution for our clients and thanks to a spot of online research we managed to source a man who was happy to provide a voice recording for us.

So we had the character, what about the scenario? Time to reel off a list of things we associate with Christmas: Santa, presents, turkey, arguments, the Great Escape, the Queens speech… ah ha! Now our copywriters just had the simple task of replacing the word ‘Queen’ with ‘King’. The continuity announcer was cast, the music selected and the finished commercial produced. And so Christmas is over for another year, but it all begins again this summer.

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