24 Aug 2015
Insurance advertising on TV, Medical Travel Compared.

Medical Travel Compared – Insurance Advertising

JMS Group Produce a Colourful Insurance Advertising Television Campaign For Comparison Website – and First-Time TV Advertiser – Medical Travel Compared.

If you’re under 50 you’ve probably never thought of needing comprehensive holiday travel insurance. If you’re over 50, with some health issues, it becomes essential to get the right cover at the right price.

Norwich TV commercial production company JMS Group has produced the first television campaign for MedicalTravelCompared.co.uk, a travel insurance comparison site. Aside from being a rather challenging concept to illustrate, they particularly wanted to avoid the insurance advertising clichés of grey, dreary visuals with a voice-over earnestly imploring you to get cover, or reap the consequences. No, MedicalTravelCompared.co.uk wanted quirky and fun… because, hey – it’s all about making preparations for going on holiday!

We set out to create an upbeat live-action commercial with a twist – it would use footage shot with performers at our Norwich film studio, but ultimately have the look and feel of an animation, which tied-in to the bold colours of the client’s website. To generate a clean silhouette in post-production, whilst still being able to pick-out and highlight detailed elements in each scene, the performers underwent some unusual costume requirements – including a neon paint and black clothing.

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