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Meet the JMS Group Production Team

A cinematographer from the TV commercial agency JMS Group films a commercial on a beach.
Francesca de Lacey is the Managing Director of JMS Group, a TV commercial agency and TV ad production company in Norwich.

Francesca de Lacey

Managing Director

Francesca took the helm as JMS Group’s Managing Director in 2015, having risen through the ranks of the business. Francesca was formerly a media buyer at a London TV commercial agency. With more than twenty years of experience in client relations, TV ad production, and the planning and delivery of campaigns, Francesca is one of the most knowledgeable experts in the TV commercial agency sector.

Tom Vaughan-Mountford, Production Director, JMS Group - a TV commercial and video production company in Norwich.

Tom Vaughan-Mountford

Production Director & Cinematographer

Tom joined as a video editor in 1999 and has shot, edited, or directed several thousand corporate videos and TV commercials. Tom became JMS Group’s Production Director and principal cinematographer in 2022. He is also the author of the Focal Press media studies textbook Managing a Video Production Company and is frequent contributor to advertising industry publication Little Black Book.

Hugh South is the Senior Motion Graphics Designer at JMS Group, a TV commercial production company in Norwich.

Hugh South

Senior Motion Graphics Designer

Hugh is our longstanding in-house motion graphics designer, compositor, and commercials producer. Hugh trained as a fine artist prior to a career producing on-air graphics and title sequences at ITV. He’s a master of an almost infinite variety of artistic disciplines, delighting our clients with styles as diverse as hand-drawn stop-frame animation, motion typography, and 3D CGI. Whatever your creative brief, Hugh can bring the design to life.

Keith Lindsay is the Senior Sound Producer at JMS Group, one of the UK's longst established radio commercial production companies.

Keith Lindsay

Senior Sound Producer

Keith has been producing audio for our clients since joining us as a trainee in 1984. Keith has four decades of experience in radio commercial production and TV campaign soundtracks. He’s mixed and mastered tracks for some of the world’s largest advertising agencies, and has directed countless voiceover sessions from our Norwich sound studio with A-list voiceover talent.

Elena Ford is the Senior Production Manager at JMS Group, a TV commercial agency and video production company near Norwich.

Elena Ford

Senior Production Manager

Elena is our organisational linchpin, production planner extraordinaire, and all-round creative Swiss Army Knife. Not only can she conjure daring creative concepts, she’ll also manage the TV ad production process from start to finish. Elena is also a specialist in Advertising Standards Authority guidelines and the Clearcast clearance process, ensuring your commercial clears all the hurdles on its way to air.

Tim Mountford is the Senior Creative and Radio Copywriter at JMS Group, a production company in Norwich.

Tim Mountford

Senior Creative

Tim is the team’s lead creative-thinker, and is a specialist in DRTV and radio copywriting. Tim has been writing and directing radio commercials for almost twenty years, and his powerful no-nonsense writing skills are also applied to TV ad production. Whether your campaign needs to be heartfelt or hard-sell, Tim will craft the most compelling copy for your commercial.

Why We’re the Right Team to Work With

Experience Counts

We’ve accumulated a wealth of knowledge during forty years of production, for thousands of clients, in almost every conceivable business sector! The majority of our team have been working together for more than ten years, and several for more than twenty years. We’ve been in the game long enough to anticipate problems before they happen. Put simply: Our team really knows their stuff.

The Right Priorities

We produce broadcast advertising campaigns to a high degree of creativity and professionalism. We make even the smallest of brands appear to be the dominant player in their market. But, we never pitch a concept or produce a commercial that prioritises an artistic vision above potential sales impact. In short: You'll be working with commercially-minded businesspeople, not artistic divas.

We're In The Know

We've got a substantial book of contacts in ad agencies, media agencies, and broadcasters. We're a Sky Media Production Partner, and work with Clearcast daily. While others might focus their attention purely on the creative aspects of production, we possess a rounded knowledge of effective advertising. We also publish useful guides and articles for first-time advertisers.

TV Advertising

TV Commercial Production for Agencies, Brands, SMEs, and Local Authorities

Audio Advertising

Commercial Production for Local Radio, National Radio, Spotify, and DAX

Video Production

Video Marketing Content and Corporate Video Communications

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