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Grosvenor Mobility | Daytime TV Campaign

Our daytime television campaign for Grosvenor Mobility was filmed in our Norwich green screen studio. Only the actress and client-supplied armchair recliner were a part of the original footage. All other elements of the scene were created in post-production. By removing the need for a film location or studio set, we were able to create the commercial very cost-effectively. The cost-savings were passed on to the airtime budget, gaining Grosvenor Mobility maximum TV exposure for their investment.

Television advertising is proven to reach senior audiences with purchasing-power. For older audiences, the reliance on TV to stay in touch with the wider world is profound, and – of course – mature audiences and retirees spend more hours at home, especially during the daytime – making TV the perfect medium to reach them.Television is also the most trusted of all advertising methods. 42% of viewers in a Thinkbox study stated television is where they are most likely to find advertising they trust, in comparison to just 6% for YouTube, and a mere 5% for social media.

We have been producing effective regional and national TV commercials since 1983, and are experts in creating direct response campaigns that will appeal to your brand’s ideal customer profile. 

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Daytime television advertising is especially effective for reaching senior audiences with buying-power. If you’re an advertiser needing to appeal to a mature audience, we can produce a commercial and tailor an airtime campaign (either linear TV or addressable) to reach your ideal audience. Get in touch on the form below to find out more.

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