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The Radio Commercial Production Company with Unique Experience. 100,000+ Radio Commercials Since 1983.

We offer radio commercial creative and production services for advertisers, agencies, and stations. We have forty years of experience in daily production of brand campaigns, activations, jingle production, radio sponsorship, and Radiocentre clearance for local and national radio advertising. We offer rapid production turnaround and tagging services. Radio advertising costs are highly competitive, and our radio commercial production rates start at only £185 +VAT.

Radio station DJ in a studio.

Radio Advertising Works!

  • Radio advertisers see an average return of £7.70 for every £1 spent.
  • Radio prompts emotional response, boost brand awareness, and increase brand-name search by an average 52%.
  • Prompts brand-name search 4x more cost-effectively than other media combined.
  • With radio, you get more impressions for your money than any other medium.
  • Radio attracts a weekly audience of more than 38 million listeners.
  • 90% of adults listen to an average of 22 hours of radio every week.
  • Despite many on-demand audio services, live radio still forms 78% of all audio listening.
  • Radio prolongs and amplifies the effects of TV advertising campaigns.
  • The only medium where brand slogans (and sonic idents) must be presented audibly, increasing recall.
  • Quick commercial production lead times and low radio advertising costs make radio the ideal medium for short-notice tactical campaigns.
*Statistical data from RadioCentre.org

Spotify and Radio Advertising Examples

Crisp and Dry

Crisp and Dry’s national radio campaign was written by Krow and voiced by Jane Horrocks. A bespoke foley soundscape conveyed to radio listeners the feel of roast potatoes at a family dinner. We also produced the accompanying TV advertising campaign.

Anglian Water

Anglian Water chose local radio advertising to reach their customers across East Anglia with an important public service announcement. The utility company opted to advertise on Heart radio stations in the region with a humorous campaign.

Neath Road Safety

Neath Port Talbot Road Safety needed to reach Bridge FM listeners during drive time. Road safety campaigns that use radio advertising naturally capture many listeners while they are behind the wheel.

North Yorkshire Moors Railway

When North Yorkshire Moors Railway needed to promote steam locomotive day trips they chose to advertise on radio, airing their campaign on YCR Scarborough.

Maverick Metals

Cheshire scrap metal dealer Maverick Metals chose to advertise on Silk FM with a tongue-in-cheek ad written and produced by JMS Group. The bawdy concept was a not-so-subtle nod to the Carry On films, appealing to an older male audience.

Skating in the Park

Skating in the Park booked a radio campaign with London’s Radio Jackie – the capitol’s premier independent radio station – to promote the annual opening of the ice skating rink in Ryegate. The commercial was voiced by Shane Richie.

STA Travel

STA Travel had previously ran campaigns that use radio as a part of the mix, they felt the ‘Aussie Jobs’ competition would appeal to a young demographic, so they ran a Spotify ad campaign.

Synagia Timber Windows

Synagia wanted their Kestrel FM radio advertising campaign to stand out by having a bespoke jingle written and produced by us. We have been producing original radio jingles for our clients for forty years.

With forty years of radio commercial production behind us, and more than 100,000 radio ads produced, it’s a bit difficult to choose which client logos to share.

Disney on Ice Logo
Norwich Theatre Royal Logo
Historic Royal Palaces Logo
WRS Radio Geneva Logo
Huws Grey Ridgeons Logo
Chelsea FC Logo
Mission Group Logo
Radio campaign for Livi, made by radio commercial production company JMS Group.
Public health radio ads for NHS England produced by radio commercial production company JMS Group.
Audio ads production for The Jockey Club.
Radio commercial production for British Army Cadets by JMS Group.

The Ultimate Team for Radio Commercial Production

Experience Counts

We’ve acquired an enormous wealth of knowledge during forty years of radio commercial production. Established in 1983, the JMS Group is almost as old as the UK’s commercial radio sector itself. We were pioneers of the modern radio commercial production process. We were using ISDN for recording remote voiceover studio sessions and the delivery of finished ads to stations as early as 1988. Several years ago we passed the milestone of 100,000 ads produced, arguably making us one of the most experienced radio commercial production companies in the UK.

Built For Efficiency

When JMS began, there were only two ways to get a radio commercial to a station: Royal Mail, or a courier with a fast car! Our deadlines were fixed to the immovable time of the last mail collection, or the daily 4.30PM arrival of ‘Graham The Taxi’. We optimised the radio commercial production process for efficiency, ensuring we were always able to deliver same-day turnaround of radio advertising packages, from taking the client’s brief to mixing the final ad. Forty years later, we maintain efficient workflows for rapid radio commercial production services.

We’re No Dinosaur

We’re proud be one of the country’s oldest radio commercial production companies, but we take equal pride in remaining forward-looking. Since 1983, the commercial radio sector has transformed beyond recognition. The traditional local radio advertising campaign is part of a far wider audio ad landscape, we now produce many types of radio ads. We refer to our productions as ‘radio ads’, yet the majority are now delivered to listeners’ devices via audio networks such as DAX, or as audio ads on Spotify, Alexa Audio Ads, or as podcast ad insertions.

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