25 Apr 2016
TrustATrader, ITV sponsorship on Anglia Weather.

ITV Anglia Weather Sponsorship – TrustATrader.com

This week marks the sixth consecutive year that JMS Group has produced the ITV sponsorship bumpers for Anglia Weather. After a competitive pitch we were chosen as the production house by their new sponsor, TrustATrader.com

From the creative concepts suggested, the client chose ‘Whatever The Weather’, as it conveys reliability and trustworthiness. In a series of bumpers we see a friendly tradesman making house calls throughout the seasons, battling the elements to arrive at your door. Creating all of the different seasons called for some interesting special effects, from snow to autumn leaves to a rain machine (and one very soggy actor!) These visuals were supported not only by shooting on the Arri Amira but also through careful soundtrack development (crunching snow, blowing wind, you get the picture).

With British weather being what it is we really were in the hands of the gods to some extent – it’s near impossible to film a sunny day if in reality it’s chucking it down! We maximised our chances by scheduling the shoot around the weather forecast and the position of the sun.

The first bumper, ‘Spring’, was broadcast on ITV Anglia from April 2016. You can watch it below.

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