TV Advertising Effectiveness Infographic

TV commercial shoot with Sony FS7.

Just How Effective Is Television Advertising? Infographic.

Take a look at our TV advertising effectiveness infographic, the most compelling reasons to advertise on TV. Anyone can take statistical information and turn it into pretty graphics and good copy – so to this infographic I’d add that the experiences of our clients reflect these figures.

Our larger clients often have annual shindigs (with nice canapes) with their advertising and marketing suppliers to review the past year’s work. I’ve been to several such reviews and been presented with a client’s own statistics – graphs that overlay their TV and radio airtime with their call-centre volume and web traffic analytics. The peaks and troughs ebb and flow in sync with one another – often showing big spikes when the TV campaign is at its most active. Television provides an uplift effect to all other media in the campaign – i.e. invest in TV and your radio, press, search, and word of mouth all feel the benefit. Television advertising still gives the highest return on investment, and the cherry on the top is that the cost of using the medium is 40% less than it was a decade ago – if you’ve not yet heard of Sky’s AdSmart make the effort to find out about it!

So, statistics in bold-type make great presentation slides, but the story behind them is of genuine advertisers (our own clients, of all sizes) who actually benefit from the real-world effects of these numbers. They are the reason we make ads for the same returning clients year after year after year.

You need to advertise on television because your business has reached a point where you’re no longer satisfied to be a small player. TV is for those who want to take themselves to the next level. To be able to say ‘As seen on TV’, is a sign your business has passed a benchmark of quality, it’s a stamp of approval. You’re a business that commands attention, a business that can afford the investment required to create a respected name, to be a ‘front of mind’ brand, a major player in your sector. TV is a medium that gives you foundations, it gives you recognition. TV demonstrates like no other medium that you’re a business that’s made it, that can shout from the rooftops with confidence. TV demonstrates that you have unshakable confidence in your ability to deliver the goods. You become a business that the little guys can’t touch; they don’t have a commercial. Little guys put flyers through letterboxes, take a quarter-page in the parish magazine, post a small-ad in the local paper. You, however, say to a prospect “You’ve probably seen our TV commercial” and you’re immediately a somebody. A nobody has never advertised on TV; and that’s why it’s the most powerful advertising medium for your business.

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TV advertising effectiveness infographic.
TV Advertising Works - Infographic
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