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Sam Richardson | Head of Sales & Marketing 

“Before our TV advertisement went live, we were averaging around five to ten enquiries a day through our traditional advertising methods. That number swiftly went up to twenty enquiries a day once we were live on Sky. This gave us a two hundred percent increase on quality enquiries! Some days, the phone just doesn’t stop ringing. With the successes and results from our first campaign, we’ve already booked a second campaign with Sky. It’s been a tremendous journey with Sky along with the JMS team, fun, fun, fun from day one!”

Amie Russell | Marketing Manager 

“Advertising on Sky performed even better than I’d expected. We’ve seen an uplift of sixty percent on our web traffic. And when we would normally see four to five hundred visitors a day, we’ve peaked at 835 in just one day. Is quite an achievement for a local car dealership. It’s had a really positive impact on our teams. We’ve got 120 members of staff who have seen this on television and can now understand our investment in marketing and hold great pride in working for a business affiliated with Sky. There’s no doubt that Sky is gonna be a fundamental part of our annual marketing plans moving forward.”

Russell Evans | Founder & Managing Director 

“You can pick the geography of where you wanna go. It’s ultimately flexible. So actually, you can advertise to a smaller audience rather than a massive audience. A rifle rather than a shotgun. We decided to promote our Coastal Gin, so we only promoted that one product. Our sales are three hundred percent up year on year. We’ll be doing a lot more with Sky next year. Working with Sky and JMS is all you need to get a great TV commercial out there.”

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