Link… Record… Edit… Mix… Repeat

By 19th February 2016News
Spotify campaign tagging.

When it comes to producing multiple tags for a client campaign you don’t get much more ‘multi’ than over 50 tags to a commercial ordered in one day!

‘Tags’ – address or offer changes within a commercial – are quite popular with National advertisers because the main ‘branded’ element of the commercial remains consistent, whilst the end of the commercial benefits from a more regional or local reference – such as a specific address or offer.

Once again, one of our biggest clients, Adam & Eve DDB, requested the JMS team to work quickly and closely with them on a Spotify campaign for their client Volkswagen. Supplied with a comprehensive worksheet and scripts by the agency, we were requested to record, mix and supply over 51 audio tags for a Volkswagen Golf Event campaign for use across the UK Spotify service. As can often be the case with campaigns the turnaround was tight with airtime looming, so the mantra of the day was, “Link … Record … Edit … Mix … Repeat”, with the entire process being completed within 6 hours!

JMS regularly provides radio campaign tagging, Spotify campaign tagging, and ISDN voice links for advertising agencies across the UK. In addition to creative and efficient ‘bulk’ audio production, our studio is recognised as having excellent sound – being used for many contributions to national TV and radio advertising campaigns, feature films, television dramas, and programme trailers. Find out more by filling the form below, or call us on 01603 811855.

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