19 Feb 2016
Spotify ads

Volkswagen Spotify Ads Campaign

Radio Commercials Producer JMS Group Create Campaign of More Than 50 Spotify Ads for Volkswagen – In Just Six Hours!

Advertising agency Adam & Eve DDB requested the JMS Group’s radio production team to quickly produce a campaign of Spotify ads. Volkswagen’s Golf Event required a version of the commercial tailored for each local VW dealership. This requirement called for the production of more than 50 variations of the commercial.

Address, or special offer, changes within a commercial – ‘tags’ – are popular with national radio advertisers. The main ‘branded’ element of their commercial remains consistent. A tag adds additional regional or local references such as a specific address or an upcoming special offer. We also perform this service for advertising on Spotify.

adam&eveDDB supplied us with a comprehensive worksheet and scripts. We were requested to record, mix, and supply over 50 audio tags for the Volkswagen Golf Event campaign. The ads were destined for distribution across the Spotify streaming service in the UK, with the correct regional version delivered to individual listeners via geolocation. A tight deadline had to be met, and consequently we completed the entire process within just six hours!

Whilst the Volkswagen Spotify campaign was large, it wasn’t out of the ordinary. We have created many tagged radio advertising campaigns for large advertisers. We handle the logistics, production, and all of the deliveries.

We regularly provide campaign tagging services for radio and Spotify ads. If you are interested in advertising on radio or Spotify you can find out more on our Radio Advertising Production page.

Are you considering Spotify ads or national radio advertising for your business? We can help. Give us a call on 01603 811855, or send our production team a message below.

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