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Department Store Aldiss Frequently Advertise on Local TV

Norfolk-based department store chain Aldiss frequently advertise on local TV, with production by JMS Group.

Aldiss is a long-term JMS Group client. The Norfolk-based department store frequently advertise on ITV Anglia. Aldiss supply us with product pack shots and their press campaign artwork – we swiftly, and cost-effectively, turn the supplied assets into a package of ‘Sale Start’ ‘Sale Now On’ and ‘Sale Ends’ spots.

Aldiss Managing Director Darryl Simpson explains, “TV is one of the main components of our marketing mix. We do printed media, so direct mail brochures, press, radio, and obviously in the latter years now, we’ve been using digital, email, pay per click, and social media. However, it’s really clear to us that when we have TV output, we can look on our online channels and see when there’s a spike in traffic, and that normally correlates with when we appear on ITV. When Loose Women is on, we see a spike. When Coronation Street is on, we see a spike.”

JMS Group has been enabling Aldiss to advertise on local TV for more than 20 years, “More recently, the campaigns have stepped up, where we’re running five campaigns a year. That requires quite a bit of energy and quite a bit of speed of production and flexibility. JMS brings that to us, and we’ve always found JMS to be responsive, speedy, and really gives us a complete service end to end dealing with ourselves as the client, but also involving the broadcaster and the regulatory authorities as well.”

Darryl remains enthusiastic about TV advertising, optimistic of its continuing ability to reach potential Aldiss customers, “TV advertising remains and will remain a large part of our marketing mix. And if we were starting our business from scratch again tomorrow, it’ll be the first thing I put down in terms of how we go forward to establish our business.”

You can view the full interview with Darryl on our TV Advertising Case Studies.


Production Company: JMS Group
Agency: Client In-House
Client: Aldiss
Motion Graphics: Hugh South
Audio: Keith Lindsay
Producer: Francesca de Lacey

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