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ITV Weather Sponsorship | Anglian Water Bumpers Package

ITV Weather Sponsorship Animated Bumpers Package

Anglian Water have been a recurring sponsor of ITV Anglia Weather. Over the past couple of decades have produced weather sponsorship ident packages for ITV Anglia Weather for almost a dozen advertisers. Local TV weather reports are an ideal – and often relatively inexpensive – place to foster brand recall (and the production aspects are often very straightforward).

High Viewership: Local ITV weather reports are a valuable tool for brand exposure – ‘the weather’ still attracts a consistently large viewership (especially during severe weather events) as they are positioned throughout the broadcast schedule. The broad audience demographic provides advertisers with an exceptional opportunity to connect with viewers grazing for other programming.

Positive Brand Association: Weather reports are regarded by viewers as being non-commercial content, and as such are inherently trusted sources of information. Sponsoring weather reports can transfer that credibility to the associated brand. By aligning the brand with the expertise and reliability of weather forecasts, advertisers can cultivate trust among viewers.

Frequency and Repetition: Weather reports are aired multiple times throughout the day, providing advertisers with consistent exposure and opportunities for brand reinforcement. This frequency ensures that viewers are repeatedly reminded of the brand, increasing brand awareness and recall.

Community Engagement and Local Relevance: Sponsoring local TV weather reports demonstrates a commitment to the community and fosters a sense of local relevance. This connection can resonate deeply with viewers, enhancing brand loyalty and encouraging positive word-of-mouth.

Cost-Effectiveness: Compared to a regular TV advertising spot campaign, sponsoring local ITV weather reports is a relatively inexpensive way to reach an audience at a county or region-wide level. Sponsorship is especially effective for reinforcing brand-recall.


Production Company: JMS Group
Media Agency: ITV
Client: Anglian Water
Motion Graphics: Hugh South
Producer: Francesca de Lacey

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