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Proudly Vegan | Wine Marketing Strategy

Broadland Wineries commissioned us to produce a social media explainer video as part of their vegan wine marketing strategy.

When Broadland Wineries were developing the wine marketing strategy for their new brand – Proudly Vegan Wines – they knew that video marketing would be a key ingredient. Winemaking is not necessarily a vegan process, so Broadland Wineries wanted a video produced that would quickly and simply explain how their new wine brand addressed the issues with traditional winemaking techniques. The video needed to reach both individual consumers and retail buyers with the same key messages.

We filmed the social media video at a stylish local restaurant, and fronted the video with a well-known vegan chef who explained how Proudly Vegan differs from other wines on the supermarket shelves.

If you’re looking to enhance your wine marketing strategy, video content is hands down one of the hottest wine marketing trends, and easily the best way to reach potential new buyers. Video can help create an emotional connection with consumers, educate them about your wine, and grow brand awareness.

Professional video content can create an emotional connection with consumers. Seeing a beautiful vineyard or winery can evoke the senses in a way text descriptions or photos cannot. Viewing the process of making and tasting wines can be fascinating and educational (think associated recipe demonstrations and food pairings) and of course, meeting the people behind the label can establish a personal connection with the brand.


Production Company: JMS Group
Client: Broadland Wineries
Cinematography: Emma Talmadge
Director: Tom Vaughan-Mountford
Producer: Francesca de Lacey

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