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Bullards Spirits | Gin Commercial | AdSmart from Sky

An Elegant Gin Commercial for a Historic Norwich Brand

Russell Evans is the Founder and Managing Director of Norfolk-based Bullards Spirits. Bullards is a historic brand originally formed in 1837, and resurrected in 2015. Russell took the Bullards brand onto TV in late 2023, running an addressable campaign using Sky’s AdSmart platform. A 30-second commercial was produced by JMS Group using a collection of attractive client-supplied footage assets from the launch of the featured product.

Russell explains exactly why AdSmart was a good fit for Bullards,

“We have a large customer database, about eleven thousand customers, which we profiled so we knew exactly what our customers looked like. The beauty about working with Sky is if you share that information with them, they can reach more of the same people for you! You can choose the demographic you want to reach. You could choose the profile of the type of customer you want to reach. You could pick the geography of where you wanna go. It’s ultimately flexible. So actually, you can advertise to a smaller audience rather than a massive audience. A rifle rather than a shotgun.”

The relatively inexpensive campaign – with a beautifully understated gin commercial – proved tremendously effective.

“We decided to promote our Coastal Gin, so we only promoted that one product. Our sales are three hundred percent up year on year. We’ll be doing a lot more with Sky next year! Working with Sky and JMS is all you need to get a great TV commercial out there.”


Production Company: JMS Group
Media Agency: Sky Media
Client: Bullards Spirits
Cinematography: Client
Post-Production: Tom Vaughan-Mountford
Producer: Francesca de Lacey

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