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Travel Marketing TV Campaign for Canadian Affair

Television advertising remains a powerful tool for travel marketing, offering a range of benefits that can significantly impact tourism and revenue. This commercial was produced by us for Accord Marketing, and their client Canadian Affair. The spot mixes elements shot by ourselves as a framing device for destination footage provided by the end client.

Tour operators continue to make heavy use of TV as the lynchpin of their travel marketing strategy. Television boasts an extensive audience, reaching a vast number of potential travellers across diverse demographics. This broad exposure allows holiday destinations to connect with a wider audience, increasing the likelihood of attracting new visitors and expanding their customer base.

  • Visual Storytelling and Emotional Resonance: Television’s ability to combine captivating visuals with emotive storytelling creates a strong connection with viewers. By showcasing stunning scenery, vibrant cultures, and captivating experiences, television ads can effectively transport viewers to the destination, igniting their desire to travel and explore.
  • Targeted TV Advertising: Modern addressable advertising allows for targeted campaigns that reach specific audience segments based on demographics, interests, and travel preferences – in the case of AdSmart from Sky, the available targeting data is so granular that it is possible to target campaigns to households with proven spending on foreign holidays. This strategic approach ensures that holiday destinations connect with the most relevant audience, maximising the impact of their advertising efforts.
  • Brand Awareness and Recall: TV ads have the power to establish and reinforce brand awareness, ensuring a tour operator’s brand remains top-of-mind when viewers are planning their next holiday. Repeated exposure to memorable and engaging ads can increase brand recognition, making the destination a more attractive choice when making travel decisions.
  • Integration with Multi-Channel Marketing Strategies: Television advertising can seamlessly integrate with other marketing channels, forming a cohesive and comprehensive campaign. Social media, online promotions, and print ads can all complement television efforts, amplifying the message and reaching an even wider audience. When TV exposure is combined with social media advertising the effectiveness of both is amplified!
  • Long-Term Impact and Destination Branding: Effective television advertising can have a lasting impact on a destination’s brand perception and reputation. By consistently projecting a positive and appealing image, television ads can enhance the destination’s appeal, attracting visitors and fostering long-term loyalty.


Production Company: JMS Group
Agency: Accord Marketing
Client: Canadian Affair
Cinematography: Emma Talmadge
Director: Tom Vaughan-Mountford
Producer: Francesca de Lacey

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