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Dirty Dinos | Amazon Product Videos

One of a large series of Amazon product videos produced for boardgame creator Orchard Toys

Dirty Dinos is just one of a long series of Amazon product videos videos produced for Norfolk-based boardgame manufacturer and retailer Orchard Toys. Each of the videos we produce for Orchard serves a dual purpose of explaining the functions of the product, and also demonstrating its entertainment value. Orchard Toys use the videos on their Amazon listings pages as compelling reinforcement to the product photography.

Vendors now have the opportunity to include product demonstration videos on their Amazon listings. Potential buyers are far more likely to convert when a listing includes a video, in fact – up to 80% more likely. Most consumers would prefer to watch a video about a product, than to read a description.

Why choose us to produce your product videos?

We can film product demonstration videos for either a single item, or in bulk for entire product ranges. We can capture footage of your products at our Norwich studio, or use your existing product artwork and photography combined with attractive graphics, motion typography, and a scripted voiceover, to create a professional video production that will elevate your Amazon listing above your competition. View another of our product explainer videos for children’s craft kits from Sequin Art.


Production Company: JMS Group
Client: Orchard Toys
Motion Graphics: Hugh South
Audio: Keith Lindsay
Producer: Francesca de Lacey

If your brand needs Amazon product videos that will lift your listings above your competition, contact the video production team – or send us a message below.

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