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Guarantor My Loan commissioned us for their DRTV commercial in part because of our lengthy track record in financial advertising clearance.

Norwich-based lender Guarantor My Loan briefed us to produce a straightforward financial advertising campaign with an easy to understand creative execution. The campaign needed to explain a potentially unfamiliar financial product – guarantor backed loans. At the heart of the client’s brief was the problem that many viewers were either unaware of guarantor backed loans, or were unsure of how such a product might be beneficial to them.

In our 30-second creative execution, we used a simple two-person role-play scenario to demonstrate the relationship between a borrower and their guarantor; we chose a father backing his university-age daughter’s loan to purchase a second-hand car. The commercial was efficiently shot with minimal crew at a local home during a single day of filming. The completed campaign was aimed at a C2,D,E demographic during daytime schedules.

TV campaigns have been proven over many decades to deliver effective returns for financial service providers, banks, building societies, loan guarantors, and lenders.

Television is still the medium we spend the most time with, and the only one capable of delivering substantial engaged audiences. However, traditional television advertising is now only one option available to advertisers. Addressable advertising platforms – such as AdSmart from Sky, and certain BVOD (Broadcaster Video On Demand) – can target tailored commercials to households that meet criteria determined by the advertiser.

A significant quantity of the data powering the addressable selection criteria is provided by credit agencies and credit card providers. The financial insights this data provides allows a television campaign to be targeted only to households with, for example, a below-average income, a history of multiple credit cards, outstanding loans, upcoming insurance renewal dates etc (all in addition to the traditional Experian Mosaic classifications).

TV (in all its forms) remains the most credible and trusted of all advertising mediums. Television is still perceived to have higher barriers to entry than other mediums, and thus only be available to legitimate advertisers. Viewers are more inclined to trust information that they see on television, and this is a valuable asset for financial service providers.

Despite its potency, television can be an affordable medium. Targeted addressable campaigns (as opposed to traditional broadcast delivery) are charged per impression, similar to online advertising. Showing a commercial only to the households most likely to act can allow even modest advertising budget to deliver significant results. Even a relatively inexpensive television campaign can be a highly effective way to reach both a large yet precisely defined audience with a relevant advertising message.

Most of the best financial services advertising campaigns have a television commercial as their core brand-building ingredient. With its proven track record of success, television can help you reach your target audience, all without ‘breaking the bank’, so to speak!


Production Company: JMS Group
Creative Agency: In-House
Client: Guarantor My Loan
Cinematography: Emma Talmadge
Director: Tom Vaughan-Mountford
Producer: Francesca de Lacey

JMS Group has decades of experience in advertising financial products on both radio and television. We have considerable expertise in the UK’s financial advertising regulations, notably ASA Guidelines and Clearcast Clearance procedures, ensuring you can get professional tailored financial advertising campaigns onto your target viewers’ screens as smoothly as possible. You can view some additional financial advertising examples, or just drop the commercial production team a message on the form below.

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