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Hendy Group | Car Dealership Advertising | Regional TV Campaign

Hendy is a large auto retailer group in the South of England, it is a frequent user of regional television in its car dealership advertising campaigns.

We work with a number of UK advertising agencies for car dealerships, and we often produce motion-graphics led car dealership advertising for the Hendy Group. Inexpensive dealership advertising campaigns can often be produced with manufacturer supplied imagery, or by filming at the nearest dealership.

Using addressable TV advertising – AdSmart from Sky – we’re able to target TV commercials to households using their current car ownership details, number of cars, insurance renewal dates, household affluence, and the household’s distance from the dealership’s postcode. All those factors – and more besides – make television advertising a powerful choice for car dealership advertising campaigns, and we can also make the TV’s creative execution pair cohesively with a concurrent radio advertising campaign. To view other car dealership TV commercials see our TV commercial production page.


Production Company: JMS Group
Client: Hendy Group
Creative Agency: Denfield Advertising
Motion Graphics: Hugh South
Producer: Francesca de Lacey

For more info about airing car dealership advertising on local television read our straightforward 8-Step TV Commercial Production Process or just drop us a message on the form below.

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