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Travel Up | Travel Advertising Campaign

Simple travel advertising campaign created for an independent travel agency.

Television advertising has long been a popular – and very effective – media channel for marketing holiday destinations and tour operators. What better way to illustrate the enjoyment of a holiday than with live-action video?

For the Reading-based travel agency TravelUp we produced an inexpensive television commercial using only purchased stock footage. Using AdSmart from Sky, the commercial was targeted to households with a proven history of booking holidays abroad. Narrowing the focus of the audience allowed TravelUp to run their advertising campaign very cost-effectively, paying only on a per-impression basis. Additionally, the targeting criteria also allowed TravelUp to advertise on Sky TV Travel Channel as a part of the addressable campaign.

We have considerable experience in travel industry TV advertising, having created television campaigns for several major tour operators and cruise specialists.


Production Company: JMS Group
Client: TravelUp
Production: Tom Vaughan-Mountford
Producer: Francesca de Lacey

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