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Travel Advertising Production | Travel Up TV Commercial

Television advertising has long been a popular, and very effective, media channel for holiday desinations and tour operators. What better way to illustrate the enjoyment of a holiday than with video?

For the Reading-based travel agency TravelUp we produced an inexpensive television commercial using only purchased stock footage. The commercial was targeted at an audience with a proven history of booking holidays abroad. Narrowing the focus of the audience allowed TravelUp to run their advertising campaign very cost-effectively, paying only on a per-impression  basis.

We have considerable experience in travel advertising production, having created daytime TV campaigns for several major tour operators and cruise specialists.

Target Holidaymakers with AdSmart from Sky

AdSmart allows businesses of all sizes to run addressable television campaigns on almost all of Sky’s channels. and Sky recently rolled out AdSmart to Channel 4 and Channel 5, giving advertisers an even greater potential audience.

How is AdSmart different to regular ‘linear’ TV? On an ‘AdSmart enabled’ channel, the Sky box will seamlessly substitute ads in breaks, tailoring unique commercial breaks for each household. This allows advertisers to appear in lucrative breaks in popular entertainment shows, but in the households that meet the advertiser’s parameters, including Sky subscribers’ past history of spending on holidays and leisure activities.

If Sky’s AdSmart platform sounds like it could be suitable for your business, get in touch with us to find out more.


If you’re looking to create a television advertising campaign for your tourism brand, get in touch!

We’re very experienced in travel advertising production for tourism brands of all sizes. If you’re interested in discussing your advertising plans, drop us a message below.

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