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Anglia Home Furnishings | Winter Sale Advertising Campaign

Winter Sale Advertising Produced for a Local Furnishing Store Chain, Aired on ITV in Norfolk.

This commercial was shot in a single day for Norfolk-based furnishing store chain Anglia Home Furnishings. The campaign aired on ITV during Winter 2016/17. Check out our other department store advertising for Aldiss. 

As the weather turns colder and people spend more time indoors – and more time on their sofas – so it is an ideal time to roll-out a winter sale advertising campaign on local television. Here are just a few of the benefits of doing so:

Respond to seasonal buying habits by creating a sense of urgency: The winter months are a time when people are more likely to purchase new soft furnishings. Not only do they spend more time indoors, there is the seasonal rush to get new sofas and dining tables in time for the Christmas season. By advertising on local television, you can create a sense of urgency and encourage people to visit their nearest store (or your website) to take advantage of an ‘Order now for Christmas delivery’ offer. The campaign can also be extended with variants such as ‘Boxing Day Sale Now On’ and ‘New Year’s Sale Now On’.

Increased brand awareness: Television is a powerful medium that can reach a large audience of potential customers. By advertising on local television, you can increase brand awareness and make sure that your business is top of mind when people are looking for soft furnishings. TV increases brand awareness better than other mediums.

Targeted advertising: Using AdSmart from Sky you can target your advertising not only to specific demographics (such as homeowners or renters) but also by postcode. This allows you to structure your advertising campaign to ensure your TV ad is displayed only to households within a chosen proximity to your physical store locations.

Showcase your furnishings in an aspirational way: Television is a great way to showcase furniture in a visually appealing way. Product photography in press advertising might look great, but nothing rivals shooting live-action video of furniture in use – viewers can better see how the products could fit into their lives.


Production Company: JMS Group
Cinematography: Emma Talmadge
Director: Tom Vaughan-Mountford
Producer: Francesca de Lacey

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