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It was another few days of dog distractions all round, as JMS em’barked’ on its latest shoot with pet product specialists, Beaphar UK.

Following a successful video on tick-awareness last September it was time to move on to an even larger project featuring Lactol Puppy Milk.

As all dog owners will know, for a puppy to grow into a strong and healthy dog, it is vital they receive all the right nutrients, and Beaphar felt the benefits could best be demonstrated by showing just how much a healthy dog contributes to a happy family.

So the storyline centred around the heartwarming tale of a man raising a beagle puppy for six months on Lactol Milk before gifting the grown-up healthy puppy to his mum, whose previous dog had recently passed away.

This presented Director Alice Homewood with the challenge of finding three similar looking dogs to portray the same beagle maturing across the video’s six-month timeline.

Beagle-casting sessions were a lot of fun (all those furry faces!) and the chosen trio all proved to be stars across the three days of intensive filming. And it seems JMS is getting a bit of a name for taking-on challenges.  Children … dogs… bring em on!


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