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Norfolk-based homewares brand Aldiss continues to advertise on ITV, running five campaigns a year – giving the brand near year-round television advertising across East Anglia.

In contrast to targeted ad platforms, traditional linear television’s ‘catch all’ nature could understandably be considered a rather archaic advertising channel. Yet, one of the primary advantages of linear TV advertising is the wide audience that can be reached within defined geographic areas. This broad-brush approach is still valued by regional bricks and mortar retail chains, whose distribution of stores often fall neatly within the bounds of transmission areas.
Aldiss Managing Director Darryl Simpson explains, “A lot of the media that’s available to us now is very targeted, but ITV is, by its very nature, broadcast. We can talk to our customers – and potential customers – across the whole region.”

While there is undeniably sound wisdom in the aphorism ‘targeting everyone is targeting no one’, a great many local brands really do possess an appeal broad enough to negate the wasted spend from casting a net as wide as the budget will allow. And let’s not forget that the established ‘traditional’ linear commercial broadcasters (ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5) are the leaders in ‘shiny black floor’ entertainment and reality shows with broad appeal across multiple demographics. Mainstream linear can still capture the whole ‘family unit’ at prime viewing times with live programming that streamers don’t offer.

Darryl Simpson on Why Aldiss Continue to Advertise on ITV.

“TV is one of the main components of our marketing mix. We do printed media, so direct mail brochures, press, radio, and obviously in recent years we’ve been using digital, email, pay per click, and social media. However, it’s clear to us that when we have TV output, we can look on our online channels and see when there’s a spike in traffic. And that normally correlates with when we appear on ITV. When Loose Women is on, we see a spike. When Coronation Street is on, we see a spike when we’re in the ad breaks.”

Geography is also one of linear TV’s aces. In the digital realm, consumers are bombarded with advertisements that sometimes suffer from inept geographic targeting. We’re likely all familiar with responding to an ad on Instagram, only to find the item pushed to us is from a retailer on another continent. By contrast, regional television’s fixed and unchanging geographic transmission footprints is one of the notable reasons to advertise on ITV.

Local advertisers know almost to the exact mile where their broadcast region ends, and no doubt more than a few viewers can name the location of their county’s transmission mast. Regional TV’s ‘tangible’ relationship with viewers translates into a receptiveness to advertising messages from brands that actively capitalise on their ‘localness’. Some creatives might feel that name-checking the physical locations of stores in a commercial is a bit naff, but there’s no denying that it works.

Creative for the Aldiss ads closely matches the artwork used in the retailer’s sale-period door-drops, a bold price-point led design. Production house JMS Group is supplied with pack-shot photography and vector artwork for rapid turnaround of ‘Sale Starts’ ‘Sale Now On’ and ‘Sale Ends’ commercials – sometimes six to nine commercials in each campaign.

JMS Group has been producing the regular ITV campaigns for Aldiss for many years; a client relationship that extends to the Norwich production company’s formation in 1983. Darryl explains why the relationship has lasted for so long, “We’ve been working with JMS over several decades now. More recently, the campaigns have stepped up, where we’re running five campaigns a year. That requires quite a bit of energy and quite a bit of speed of production and flexibility. JMS brings that to us, and we’ve always found JMS to be responsive, speedy, and really gives us a complete service end to end dealing with ourselves as the client, but also involving the broadcaster and the regulatory authorities – Clearcast – as well, which is always useful.”

TV retains its ability to capture large swathes of viewers at specific times within a geographically fixed location. Its relative simplicity does not require an advertiser to ‘win’ at a strategy of keywords and bidding strategies, no technical SEO, no content creation, no optimisation – just a ‘take it or leave it’ message that can be delivered to a large demographic.

Local TV might sound like a blunt instrument, but the results speak for themselves, “TV advertising remains and will remain a large part of our marketing mix. And if we’re starting our business from scratch again tomorrow, it’ll be the first thing I put down in terms of how we go forward to establish our business.”

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