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Classic collectible watch retailer Fine Watch Club has launched its first television campaign with an emotive 30-second spot featuring an Omega Seamaster manufactured in 1959. Creative direction and production of the campaign was by Norwich TV commercial production company JMS Group.
Classic watches are carefully considered purchases that attract savvy buyers with an interest in the provenance and investment potential of collectible high-value watches. Fine Watch Club has a clearly defined buyer profile that enables it to disregard the vast majority of casual watch buyers; the brand’s market already understand – truly obsesses over – the smallest details of collectible watches. The debut TV campaign aims to build on the objectives of the brand’s successful YouTube video content strategy; to demonstrate that Fine Watch Club is owned and operated by fellow watch enthusiasts. The iconic 1959 Seamaster featured in the spot was chosen because of the brand’s popularity among enthusiasts. Fine Watch Club was excited by the targeting capabilities of addressable TV – AdSmart from Sky – for the platform’s ability to narrow the focus of the campaign to reach affluent men with high disposable incomes.
Not only are the watches retailed by Fine Watch Club previously worn – even historic – many of them also command premium prices. The brand’s average sale value is £2,500, with some highly collectible models retailing north of £10,000. For Fine Watch Club, securing the trust of potential buyers to make a high-value online transaction is of paramount importance. Two of the greatest advantages of advertising on TV – from a brand perspective – are its ability to raise the perceived trustworthiness of a brand and to enhance the perception of the brand’s size and longevity. Brands that advertise on TV are generally assumed to be longer-established – and sometimes far larger – entities than might be the case. Fine Watch Club has a single physical retail store in Norwich, but its online business trades classic watches internationally.

‘It’s About Time’ debuted with a targeted campaign on AdSmart, before the client achieved ongoing success advertising on GB News.

Watch advertisements frequently highlight the future value of the product – that it might be handed down to future generations – but for Fine Watch Club we chose to look back at the history of a single watch, imagining the provenance of one Omega Seamaster and its accumulated value. The creative follows the Seamaster through the decades on the wrist of several wearers: 1950s rockstar, soldier in Vietnam, an Apollo launch spectator, 1970s family man, and a 1980s stock market trader. At the close of the commercial, the Omega is greeted by its newest owner. The creative approach solidly positions Fine Watch Club as a premium brand appealing to a knowledgeable audience.
The historical elements of the spot were filmed entirely at JMS Group’s production office, with the closing scene captured in a neighbouring hotel and spa. Era-appropriate props and costumes were sourced from eBay and local charity shops. On-screen performers are the client and JMS Group’s production team. The total commercial production budget was a modest £8,500 – which allowed Fine Watch Club to allocate a generous percentage of their initial advertising budget to the AdSmart media spend.
After a successful AdSmart debut, the commercial’s messaging was adjusted and the campaign joined a growing list of advertisers on GB News. The news channel engages Fine Watch Club’s core demographics and the results proved so successful that the campaign is scheduled to run until early 2024.

Fine Watch Club – AdSmart from Sky Case Study

E-commerce brands especially can see great results from targeted addressable television advertising. Addressable television advertising shares many of the targeting, analytics, and reporting features as online advertising—with the additional bonus of projecting a far more professional brand image than most online ads would. You can use addressable TV ads to target your ideal customers by age range and income level, so you can show your ad only to people likely to buy from you. You can also weave in data from your own customer database and analytics tools to further narrow the field and reach only those households who match your ideal customer profile.
Small and medium-sized businesses are often limited in their advertising budgets. They have to be careful about how they spend their money, which means that they can’t afford to waste it on ads that don’t work. That’s why addressable television advertising is such a great option for these types of businesses: it allows them to target potential customers at scale without spending money reaching people who aren’t in the market.
JMS Group is commercial production company highly experienced in creating affordable addressable AdSmart TV campaigns for SMEs. Fine Watch Club’s Sam Richardson is delighted with the campaign:

“We targeted over twenty-five-thousand affluent males, and delivered over a hundred thousand impressions across our target audience in the East of England region. Before our TV advertisement went live, we were averaging around five to ten enquiries a day through our traditional advertising methods. That number swiftly went up to twenty enquiries a day once we were live on Sky. This gave us a two hundred percent increase on quality enquiries! Some days, the phone just doesn’t stop ringing. With the successes and results from our first campaign, we’ve already booked a second campaign with Sky. It’s been a tremendous journey!”

To find out how to advertise on GB News, and invest in affordable and targeted television advertising to promote your e-commerce business, contact JMS Group. JMS has a lengthy track record in producing affordable and successful TV campaigns for SMEs.

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