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As the UK’s leading solar energy supplier, Project Solar UK work hard to communicate the benefits of having solar panels installed.

So when JMS were commissioned to work alongside them on their latest TV campaign it was great news for our creative team, as after seeing our concepts, Project Solar UK were keen to proceed with the production of not just one, but two of them – an animated and live action approach. They will be running the two markedly different styles of ad via an A/B test, in order to see which performs better in their fiercely competitive market. As the government solar incentive ends March 2019, the messaging is extremely time sensitive – customers who have solar panels installed after this date won’t be able to sell their energy back to the grid and will have to give it to the energy providers for free.

Our animated approach focussed on the additional income that can be generated from solar panels – as the sun shone down over a street of houses, we isolated the property with solar panels installed and displayed the various revenue streams and exact figures on a large gas meter.

The live action shoot took an entirely different angle; instead featuring a female presenter surrounded by orbiting household electrical appliances. Filmed on green screen in our studio, it was a shoot that really came to life during post-production. The final moment in which the presenter catches a slice of toast after it pops out from the toaster was in fact composited of two separate shots (involving invisible fishing wire and crew members throwing toast up in the air!) It was then down to the addition of visual effects and some careful editing from our Head of Motion Graphics, Hugh South to combine the two, creating one seamless movement.

As the sun sets for winter, you can catch both commercials on air from December 27th.