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A fostering campaign for Norfolk County Council

JMS worked with Norfolk County Council Fostering Service to produce a fostering campaign that advertised across a range of touchpoints including TV, Radio and social media.

We produced a series of videos with the aim of attracting new foster carers to the profession.  With the recent rise in people looking for a change in career combined with an ever increasing demand for foster carers, now was the right time for NCC to try and  reach as many potential carers as possible and encourage them to give some serious consideration to fostering.

With the tag line “It’s not what you can do for a living, it’s what you could do for a life” and “Open your heart, and open your home” the commercials aim to appeal to those that could provide a loving and stable home for children with varying needs.


Making the most of a tight budget 

Using a multi-pronged marketing approach designed to make the most of a tight budget the campaign made use of traditional proven advertising channels like radio along with new forms of advertising such as addressable TV.

JMS produced a series of four videos that could be used across a wide range of channels, giving an even greater return on investment.  Each commercial had a slightly different approach and aimed to give an insight into the life of a foster carer.

Radio was used to target a large audience based in the local region at speed and scale and importantly at a relatively low cost.

With funds being tight for public services, NCC used AdSmart from Sky to launch a range of cost-effective adverts specifically targeting those in East Anglia looking for a new career. The precise targeting of the platform was able to use data to ensure that the advert was only served to those that the council wanted to reach and by doing this, cutting down on the costs of advertising and keeping those extra funds where they are really needed. In contrast to a regular TV Commercial, AdSmart also has the benefit of providing fully trackable statistics based on performance, allowing NCC to fully evaluate the campaigns effectiveness.

Social Media video has always been an important component in a marketing campaign, but with all of us currently more reliant on our digital channels than ever before, it really was an opportune time to reach their chosen demographic.

The Videos


Enhanced Fostering Services Social Media Campaign

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The ‘Enhanced Fostering Services’ video is both informative and insightful in illustrating what the role of a foster carer would entail. The video was used across NCC’s social channels and featured text to ensure that the message could still be clearly communicated if the video was viewed with the sound off.


Simple Sums TV Campaign

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This cost effective ad has been used across multiple channels including TV, radio and online. The use of animation had the benefit being low cost and offered a fast turnaround time without the need for any social interaction.  In addition the audio was also used for a radio commercial on radio stations within the East Anglia region.


Change Your Profession TV Campaign

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‘Change Your Profession’ was the first TV commercial to go out on the AdSmart platform and it was also used online. The advert targeted people who were considering a change of career.


 Seeking Foster Carers TV Campaign  

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Like ‘Simple Sums’ this commercial has been used across TV, radio and online platforms and offered a brilliant return on investment.  ‘Seeking Foster Carers’  lists  the qualities required to make a successful carer and gives information on the types of caring requirements that Norfolk County Council has.