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A fostering campaign for Norfolk County Council


JMS worked with Norfolk County Council Fostering Service to produce an advertising campaign across TV, Radio and Social Media.


The aim was to attract new foster carers to the profession.


With the recent rise in people looking for a change in career due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, combined with an ever increasing demand for foster carers. Norfolk County Council Fostering and Adoption Service wanted to reach as many people as possible that either wanted to make a difference or take up a new vocation that is not only life changing for them, but for a child as well. NCC choose the Sky AdSmart platform to help reach as many potential foster carers as possible and encourage them to consider fostering.


With the tag line “It’s not what you can do for a living, it’s what you could do for a life” and “Open your heart, and open your home” the commercials appeal to those that could provide a child with a loving and stable home.


Making the most of a tight budget 


With funds being tight for public services, we needed to make the most of a limited budget.


Our campaign featured a mix of traditional advertising channels like radio, proven digital channels on social media, as well as newer forms of advertising such as addressable TV…


AdSmart from Sky allowed NCC to specifically target viewers in Norfolk, by District Council and profiling of their target audience defined which Mosaic groups would best fit our commercials. We ran two commercials one aimed specifically at adults who currently look after children such as Teachers, Teaching Assistances and Heads of Schools, the second advert was aimed at people who were looking for a change of vocation during the Pandemic.


The precise targeting of the AdSmart platform ensured limited wastage of our marketing budget, which enabled the use of Radio as well.


“At the height of the pandemic the team at JMS went above and beyond to help create a series of creative and emotive TV and Radio adverts within a matter off days. Fortunately we had already been working on a separate project with JMS so they already had a key understanding of our service and messaging required.


 The team produced scripts, storyboards which where discussed over conference calls where further ideas were brainstormed. I cannot thank JMS enough for all their help during such a critical time throughout the world. JMS made the process seamless and easy from initial brief to final delivery of our adverts. We saw a gap in the market and did not want to be left behind especially when we continuously require new foster carers to step forward and help change a child’s life.”


 Scott McKay, Fostering and Adoption Marketing Manager – Children’s Services, Norfolk County Council.


The Videos


 The four videos in the series were certainly produced under unusual circumstances, what with the world being at the height of a pandemic and subject to ever changing restrictions and uncertainty.  Despite this, JMS were quick to adapt our ways of working. We are proud to have produced such powerful animations that we were able to deliver within a matter of days rather than weeks.


Enhanced Fostering Services Social Media Campaign


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The ‘Enhanced Fostering Services’ video is both emotive and insightful. The video illustrates what the role of a foster carer entails. It doesn’t shy away from the fact that fostering can be a challenge. The video was used across NCC’s social channels and featured on screen text to ensure that the message could still be clearly communicated even if the video was viewed with the sound off.


Simple Sums TV Campaign


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This cost-effective advert has been used across multiple channels including TV, radio and online. The use of animation had the benefit being low cost, quick to turn around, plus it avoided the practical issues of a live action shoot during lockdown. The concept was also adapted for a radio commercial which aired on stations in East Anglia.


Change Your Profession TV Campaign


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This concept used the AdSmart platform to target people who were considering a change of career. The campaign was also used on social media.


 Seeking Foster Carers TV Campaign 


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This final concept highlights the many qualities required of a successful carer as well as the various groups that are currently looking to be placed.


The Videos Norfolk County Council Fostering Service


 There are children across Norfolk who need a foster parent. Children enter the care system for many different reasons. Although every child is unique, all children will require patience, understanding and stability from a good foster carer. You could play a significant part in the life of a child – whether you’re looking after the child for just a few days or a few years.


If you are interested in becoming a foster carer then please contact Norfolk Fostering Service on: 01603 306649


FB @norfolkfosteringservice

Twitter @fosterinnorfolk