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Advertising to Seniors – JMS Group Work with Brazil Street and Grosvenor Mobility in New TV Campaign

Shoot days are usually very busy – you rarely get time to sit down… except on this one!

We were asked by advertising agency Brazil Street to create a daytime TV campaign for Grosvenor Mobility. The subject? Rise and recline chairs. The target audience? The over 65s.

Grosvenor Mobility products are all made bespoke. There are many designs and add-ons to choose from, resulting in hundreds of variations of the product. Therefore the client opted not to focus on one particular design but instead to concentrate on the comfort and movement of the product. After all, with these chairs the function is just as important as the style.

As the chairs are handmade why not treat the commercial with the same approach? We settled on an animation style that gives the visuals a hand drawn effect. For this concept we filmed one of the chairs to provide the base for the animation. The chair was delivered to our onsite television studio where we filmed a few test shots to assess how long the chair movements took and iron out any other issues – like ensuring our actress would be wearing clearly contrasting colours to that of the chair material. Our Motion Graphics Designer then took the captured footage and began creating the final hand drawn effect.

Due to distance the client was unable to attend the shoot in person. However, we have plenty of experience working remotely and were able to keep the client fully informed at every stage of the production process.

From filming in front of a green screen, to completing the graphics, to recording the soundtrack, to delivering to the TV stations, JMS were able to handle the entire project in house. Look out for the commercial airing soon on Sky News, BT Sport, Yesterday, True Entertainment, and various other channels.