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Surely all wine is vegan friendly – I mean it’s just grapes, right?


As the JMS Group recently discovered!

We were asked by Broadland Wineries to create a wine marketing video for their range of vegan wines, Proudly Vegan

We learnt that there are actually a number of wines that use animal-based products during the production process. However, Broadland Wineries brand of Proudly Vegan wines use plant-based alternatives – without compromising the quality and flavour. In fact, the brand is 100% vegan friendly, right down to the ink and glue on the label!

The video gave us the opportunity to film at Erpingham House – the fabulous vegan restaurant in Norwich’s Tombland. The owner Loui Blake, a passionate vegan spokesman, is filmed extolling the virtues of the Proudly Vegan brand.  The restaurant also specially prepared some dishes to pair up with the vegan Merlots, Rosés and Sauvignon Blancs.

It seemed appropriate to be making this video in January – it is Veganuary after all! It’s very interesting to be spreading the message about one of the biggest growing food trends – and despite the abundance of wine on the shoot our team was still safe to drive the van back to base, but then our team are consummate professionals! Now get pouring!

Want to see more? Look out for the finished video – coming soon!

You can view the finished wine marketing campaign on our portfolio.